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1692.28 (186th)
87,093 (917th)
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Title Δ
Why does this class descriptor __get__ method return self? +1.80
Why adding a float to an integer using __add__ or __radd__ returns... 0.00
How to get size of a Numba Dictionary? 0.00
Implement abstract properties without redefining __init__ in child 0.00
numba @vectorize target='parallel' TypeError 0.00
understanding this race condition in numba parallelization 0.00
Return or yield from a function that calls a generator? +0.38
Why is arithmetic not supported for dict? -0.77
Using a function object as an argument for numba njit function 0.00
Numba jitted len() is slower than pure Python len() -0.75
How does value asignments within Tuples in Python work? +0.32
Proper use of __format__ 0.00
How make a python class jitclass compatible when it contains itself... 0.00
Why the introduction of __slots__ was made possible with descriptors? +1.56
Why numba don't improve the speed of my knapsack function? +0.25
Getting different results when summing a list of arrays with sum, n... 0.00
__new__ irrationally creates generator 0.00
How to make numba(nopython=true) work with 1D numpy.ndarray input w... +0.25
Is there any usage of self-referential lists or circular reference... -0.11
Numpy logical and between two array with filter 0.00
Comparing object methods leads to different results in 3.8 0.00
How to use itertools.groupby with a true/false lambda function -0.73
numpy 1D array: mask elements that repeat more than n times 0.00
Using lists in Numba @jitclass 0.00
Numba on pure python VS Numpa on numpy-python +0.98
Store and assert type in a Python class 0.00
Combined vectorized functions in Numba 0.00
For loop versus while and next performance 0.00
PyCharm warns "unresolved attribute reference" when using... 0.00
Reversing the view of a numpy array twice in a jitted function make... 0.00
Set changes implicit order based on __hash__? +1.98
What is the difference between super() with arguments and without a... 0.00
How can I set `parallel=True` in numba while I use np.power()? 0.00
How to correctly convert numpy vectorize to numba vectorize +0.25
Vectorization in a loop slower than a nested loop in numba jitted f... +1.01
How to test if object has a type odict_values in Python3? 0.00
Empty set in a jitclass attribute 0.00
Why don't non-function callables get bound to class instances? 0.00
How can I make Numba access arrays as fast as Numpy can? +1.02
Member assignment and ref counting in __init__ 0.00
Vectorizing a "pure" function with numpy, assuming many d... +0.82
Numpy in-place operation performance -2.87
NumPy zeros in Numba function is not working when multi-dimensional... +0.25
Iterate over duplicates in a list +1.64
why python-extension function breaks when creating array of structs... 0.00
Decimal fixed precision +0.27
Why was p[:] designed to work differently in these two situations? -0.98
Dynamically add special methods to class does not work +1.06
Is there a short way to check uniqueness of values without using &#... +0.09
Using list.count to sort a list in-place using .sort() does not wor... -1.21