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1508.12 (88,303rd)
6,349 (25,559th)
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Title Δ
Can someone help explain what this C algorithm is doing? 0.00
How to speed up binary read/write -1.55
How can two C++ libraries share a static buffer? +2.01
Define a struct with a member pointing to another member +0.45
How can I calculate this occurrence or association using (x+y)/x? 0.00
What is the most efficient way to represent small values in a struct? -1.27
Calculate number of elements in an array based on pointers to the f... +0.47
Creating an array of size 1000000000 in c++ gave me the following e... -0.02
How to test if a line intersects a convex polygon? +1.29
Where can I find popular video game code in C++? -0.80
How can I find the value of what a memory address currently holds? +1.88
How to put integer bits in a float? -0.54
Algorithm to get a range of discontinuous values 0.00
Calculating normal to line towards given side +1.21
How do I fix this error error"error C2440: '=' : canno... +2.10
(Relatively) Quickly find some divisor for a number < 10 000 000 +1.29
Casting down polymorphic pointers +0.11
How can i run different functions depending on the value of a varia... +0.01
Specify return type based on other template argument 0.00
Polygon splitted by 4 parts -0.16
How bad is to use integer pointers as unique ids? C++11 -1.32
Will there be a performance hit on including unused header files in... +0.91
stuck on assignment in C +0.19
Simulation of a point mass in a box (3D space) -0.51
friendship from derived class method to base class members +0.11
Rotating a matrix in a non standard 2d plane 0.00
How to replace elements of array +0.07
Different C++ Class Declarations +0.02
How could i speed up this method +0.28
Is there a generalization of std::bitset for two-bit values? +0.43
function without a parameter c++ +0.52
'+' cannot add two pointers, but just printing an int and a... +1.53
Sort Over Different Class Members +0.55
Singly Linked List in C incorrect output -0.79
How can I substitute a look-up table for the Sin function? -0.11
Why can't one dynamically declare an array of objects in C++ li... +2.03
C++: Singleton? How to pass arguments to the construtors? -0.29
C++ Avoiding redefinition of code that needs to return a polymorphi... -1.28
convert 3D plane to 2D -0.27
C++ programming - is this allocation an unavoidable memory leak? -1.91
Sizeof struct is not clear even with padding +1.45
Determine size of Memory allocated by new operator in C++ -0.67
Possible to dereference this pointer? -0.29
how do i sort words into a structure array in C++? -0.22
Array of structs with multiple members -0.16
Expected expression error with % 0.00
How to find a string of 2 words in a file? -2.18
Template strnlen mess -0.26
C lottery program +0.41
C++ How to set a private class member in a namespace within a stati... 0.00