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Michael Berkowski

1720.95 (81st)
232,686 (181st)
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Title Δ
Recording results from ForEach in PHP 0.00
Calling multiple methods on a variable 0.00
How do I find and count identical values in an array, then insert a... 0.00
too many redirects. setting up htaccess to redirect 0.00
The letter disapperaed after Splitting string in my ruby program 0.00
Mysql Inner Join Group By Tutorial Question 0.00
Php get specific array in a multidimensional array 0.00
PHP - filter and output data from an associative array on html 0.00
Program becomes unresponsive but is still running 0.00
Does mysql 5.6 support the [ with.. as() ] syntax? 0.00
preg_split with array delimiters with comma not split the array 0.00
php.ini updates not reflected in phpinfo() output 0.00
Rewrite URL from plural to singular 0.00
Why does PHP give me a fatal error for sending the (according to th... 0.00
How can i catch the output of a command and send it to a function i... 0.00
MYSQL - how to merge this 2 tables to get a specific table output 0.00
Group rows of data and in each group sum one column and concatenate... +0.23
Create DateTime for JSON in PHP 0.00
Adding 'simple' array elements to multidimensional array on... 0.00
MySQL SELECT in order of array values 0.00
How do I turn on vim syntax highlighting via modeline? +0.91
update from another table but join on calculated column 0.00
Workbench - Column count doesn't match value count? 0.00
MySQL query with specific constraints? 0.00
Find if string is contained in a column of the same mysql table 0.00
Most Popular Liked Post in last week 0.00
SQL Pulling Data from only 1 row 0.00
PHP Time Validator to accept 1 digit number for hour and minutes +0.23
mysql - check if a string contains number with more than 5 digits 0.00
Cannot get row data after SELECT 0.00
.htaccess redirect and rewrite url if REQUEST_URI starts with speci... 0.00
PHP get the content type header of DOMDocument loaded from url 0.00
Escaping question mark in mySQL regex 0.00
Combining data from an old table, into an exponentially bigger table +0.21
How to check preg_match for complicated text? 0.00
How to return multiple values in a WordPress function involving mul... 0.00
PHP - how to add $key => $value to two dimensional associative a... 0.00
PHP7: Static class function can't be called/seen until class is... 0.00
Mysql2::Error: Expression #2 of ORDER BY clause is not in GROUP BY... 0.00
pdo how to check if it is 1st record that retrieve from database? +0.21
is it possible to add variable value to a select query result php pdo 0.00
compare numbers with tolerance 0.00
PHP rename() a file by only its extension 0.00
How do I properly create a PHP array in order to loop through later... +0.22
PHP OOP How to process data returned by DB query 0.00
MySQL get the SUM of a column ONLY from the latest date 0.00
PHP OOP- inject DB class to a construct method of another class 0.00
Create two environmental variables with one RewriteCond 0.00
glob is returning no results when trying to get files from a relati... 0.00
SQL: Help writing select query using JOIN 0.00