An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1517.31 (38,033rd)
132,504 (472nd)
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Title Δ
Switching to Lexilla 0.00
Clang cindex can't find header in unsaved_files 0.00
How to include small functions when profiling via instrumentation i... 0.00
Why does Python's subprocess call not work correctly with sh on... 0.00
Idiomatic way to create an immutable and efficient class in C++ -0.73
Why does the ternary operator turn (... ? int : unsigned long long)... 0.00
How to make Python's ElementTree ignore lack of spaces between... 0.00
Why does Make not complain when a target directory is a file instead? +2.31
What does "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language supp... 0.00
Python if-else code style for reduced code for rounding floats -0.46
How to handle unknown dependencies in Makefile that are dynamically... +1.35
Why does using LTO increase the size of my Rust binary? -1.35
Is it allowed for a compiler to optimize away a local volatile vari... +0.85
Why is calling a constexpr function with a member array not a const... -1.02
Any way to "factor out" common fields to save space? -1.17
How to get std::pair<char *, char *> to display as a proper s... 0.00
Does admissibility even matter in A* search if the heuristic functi... -0.03
Function pointers in C - nature and usage -0.93
How do I explicitly call an exception-throwing method in C++? -0.91
Using declared variable in a range-based for-loop -1.26
Why 10/3 it's exact in C? -1.32
Do variables in Bayesian Networks have to be Boolean? -0.22
What is address sanitization in C? +0.47
In WM_RBUTTONUP, does MK_RBUTTON really mean the SHIFT key is down?... 0.00
switch with var/null strange behavior -0.91
How do I capture the CURRENT values of closure variables immutably... 0.00
How can I get the penultimate element in a list? -0.96
Why does importing some SciPy modules take so long on Windows? 0.00
If both Mac OS and Windows use the x86 instruction set, why do we h... +0.47
Why is std::forward necessary with forwarding references -1.48
How can I create a dll without an import table, or with just Ntdll.... +0.70
Get std::pair member using only standard function in C++03 -1.38
Which Win32 Functions used by Windows Resource Monitor to detect bo... 0.00
Python Intellisense suddenly broke; refreshing doesn't fix it 0.00
EnumWindow() to catch tab process (Google Chrome) C++ 0.00
Can I hint the optimizer by giving the range of an integer? +0.02
How are hidden classes in the V8 engine implemented? 0.00
At what point in the loop does integer overflow become undefined be... -1.50
Why does CRTP not cause infinite nesting? -1.71
Pipelining vs. Hyper-threading vs. Simultaneous Multithreading vs.... 0.00
Why does as_const forbid rvalue arguments? +1.41
Any program that determines lowest OS required for your application... 0.00
Explicit void pointer as function parameter -1.54
What is the technical term for a value which can be either a scalar... +1.38
How am I supposed to make my allocator rebindable? Can I do it whil... -1.54
Getting behavior of Java's Class<? extends Map> in .NET -1.69
How do I tell Windows to keep internal disks offline? 0.00
Why does a continuous initialization of a std::regex object slow do... +1.95
Why can't I install angr-z3 using pip on Windows when Python is... 0.00
Is there a downside to declaring variables with auto in C++? +0.25