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The fourth bird

1617.28 (1,177th)
28,345 (4,408th)
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Title Δ
regex alternate select wrong match +2.51
How can I write Python Regex that will take 4 numbers followed by P... +1.78
Regex get all before first occurrence of character -0.09
trying to split a sentence with regex expression -0.47
Find String Name Using REGEX into Ansible 0.00
How to handle "except" in Regular Expression in Compiler... 0.00
Comma separated prefix list with commas inside +0.34
Need regex for range values +1.52
What is the regex to match alphanumeric 6 character words, separate... +0.14
Create a regex to extract a string that contain a noral character a... 0.00
How do I add variable numbers of key value pairs using PHP array_co... 0.00
Regex match string between same words +0.34
Regular expression search all substrings between two keywords with... -1.04
Split mathematic expression into array without splitting subexpress... +1.61
keep the first part of the URL and mask everything else -0.31
Not able to split the string based on regex -0.38
How do i use a Regex separator that looks like a named group? +0.34
Regular Expression Error During Sequence Search -0.81
Regex for finding message identifiers +0.98
Is there some way to ignore the punctuation in Python? -0.16
String join with empty string in list 0.00
Regex for matching any content between curly brackets, except for s... 0.00
Regex to split string and preserve content within double quotes -0.68
Get lowest key - array value in multidimensional array PHP -1.54
How to explode a string but not within quotes in php? 0.00
How to edit a regex to also accept unfinished inputs in the right f... -2.42
How to validate such input using a regular expression? 0.00
RegEx match everything between multiple matches over multiple lines +0.67
PHP regex pattern modification needed -1.69
Get file name from path via GROK or REGEX -0.16
Regex, TextFSM - Match content between two characters while excludi... -0.67
How to get data with data 0.00
regular expression for matching everything until a word is found +0.34
Convert duration in seconds to hours and minutes and skip empty val... -0.43
Parse PHP using simplexml for field values 0.00
Modify data extracted from rss file with simplexml +0.33
How can I make this only match the words after the word 'speaks... +1.50
Regex for extracting digits in a string not in a word and not separ... 0.00
Exception in Replacement of symbols java 0.00
Using regex pattern in gsub r +0.32
Regex Negative lookbehind in React app breaking app on iOS devices +1.18
How can I tell this regex expression to ignore www urls and catch b... +0.34
Empty XML node with Notice: Trying to get property 'ref' of... 0.00
Regex to match periods but not between numbers 0.00
VBS regexp replace insert character into many similar phrases 0.00
Regex to find constant literal guard by two special characters... J... 0.00
Regex exclude character from the group 0.00
PHP Regex ignore string between specific characters +1.41
Regex match any characters in string, up until next match -1.12
Regex to match everything until pattern with an exception in it 0.00