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The fourth bird

1604.05 (1,580th)
28,345 (4,402nd)
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Title Δ
How can I extract non digit characters and digit characters in the... 0.00
Pandas Regex pattern some cleaning required 0.00
How to sum values from associative array if there is the same key i... 0.00
Extract log lines from a starting string to the first time stamp af... 0.00
Unicode regex that do not match any letter nor any punctuation sign 0.00
Creating a username regular expression with JavaScript 0.00
This regex isn't allowing the extra digit for some reason... why? 0.00
How do I group optional strings together 0.00
Regex that matches before and after certain characters 0.00
How to move 2 or 3 character words from the end of lines in notepad++ 0.00
How do I regex match these 3 scenarios? 0.00
How to remove digits from string. based on the length and remove ot... 0.00
Split string and extract text and number 0.00
remove specific substring from a string and split it with numeric v... 0.00
Java/Groovy regex parse Key-Value pairs without delimiters 0.00
Positive lookbehind with an optional character 0.00
Regex program to print words from sentences which contain 2 numbers... 0.00
Regexp to match all the characters except spaces and 4 last charact... 0.00
How to print next line after regex search using python 0.00
Multiple named capturing group with the same name 0.00
How to create Regex to return everything past the last hyphen? 0.00
Setting the end of the match 0.00
Match words that consist of specific characters, excluding between... 0.00
Regex to get the last occurence of "::" character 0.00
What regex to use in this case 0.00
Getting a part of a dynamic string 0.00
PHP pre_split looses first character 0.00
Regex: combination of integers, decimals, ranges and fractions 0.00
Using re.sub() in python how to replace certain phrase but only if... 0.00
Find duplicate using regex in a txt file opened with Sublime Text 3... 0.00
Extract companies' register number in Python by getting the nex... 0.00
Searching for string pattern using RegEx matching C# 0.00
How to get matched index of a regex for all occurences 0.00
Regex pattern to match ticker symbol 0.00
python re string of length(3-4) max 0.00
match all occurences of a word between 2 tags - regex 0.00
How to select text in a one line string with regex? 0.00
preg_match_all returns only every second match 0.00
Regular expression to find GUID and numbers in range 0.00
Regular Expression not start with two 'WW' or 'MM' 0.00
Regex: Don't match if match is inside a URL 0.00
matching regular expression for normalization 0.00
Regex to capture alpha numeric before pipe separated 0.00
Regex to Add Trailing Slash to URL Unless the URL Ends in a File Ex... 0.00
Regex match exactly 1 anywhere in string 0.00
How make my Regex to match overlaps without infinity error? 0.00
Avoid extracting IBAN number from string 0.00
Pandas series substring starts and ends with letter 0.00
Java regex substring from certain charater to another character 0.00
Validating password with Regular Expression 0.00