An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1501.22 (405,815th)
29,440 (4,177th)
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Title Δ
Querying an array of references +0.42
Custom deserialization for some class? 0.00
Change the background color of a plot 0.00
Toolbar align title in center with back button -0.00
How to solve "operator * cannot be applied to java.lang.string... +0.52
What is this reddot character 🔴 doing in the URL (FireFox o... 0.00
Store hig-res picture offline in Android +0.50
Android Programming creating own View -0.23
Why is my Button not correctly registering the output? 0.00
Android error exception: E/AndroidRuntime(15779): android.view.View... -0.34
Turn on Gravity on current object +0.50
C# 2D Arrays read from keyboard error -0.49
Unity 2D Jump Animation C# -0.02
Toast if EditTest is Empty -0.83
How to prevent __init__? Python 0.00
unity's streaming assets loading from another folder +0.03
Python adding only the numbers contained in a list +0.74
Android - Service with BroadcastReceiver -0.18
Unity custom UI Messagebox 0.00
How to get User json data with google Oauth2 0.00
Unity -- 2d platformer sprite animation in different position 0.00
Unity 3D - forcing GI re-bake after runtime 0.00
Unity GUI Label Position 0.00
How to override this method using 'where T : Object' +0.21
Getting Transform of Enum Objects -0.03
Java- How to link AWT Rectangles? 0.00
Unity 5.3: What's the equivalent of UnitEngine.Application.load... 0.00
Android translation in relation to scale 0.00
How to get SECONDARY STORAGE name in Android? 0.00
Solving a pair of real (and interwined) equations 0.00
Unity Test Tools Unit Test with GameObject gives "You are tryi... -1.99
How do I make the jumping smooth? 0.00
Play Store current install vs. GCM device count 0.00
service sending string to another activity without opening it +0.50
SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LOW_PROFILE not working on HTC One M8 0.00
startActivityForResult() not working for external Activity +0.19
Android Swipe Views -0.03
C# - How would I shorten my code? 0.00
How to use offline? +1.26
Android programming: I cant get data to reload into arrayadapter 0.00
Spinner - How to put user's selection at top position -0.51
C# Script in Unity error 0.00
Android runOnUiThread crash when pressing Back button 0.00
Using SharedPreferences to save users score 0.00
How to open a activity from a list view which shows googe map? 0.00
requestCode = -1 and resultCode = 0 chooserIntent for image from ga... 0.00
Android ListView - onItemClickListener +0.51
Reading GEDCOM files: How to substring the corresponding birth day,... 0.00
Adding ".so" library to my android studio project +0.03
back button not in viewPager Works 0.00