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Christian C. Salvadó

1781.96 (14th)
787,926 (18th)
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Title Δ
Javascript generators with the 'yield' keyword +0.86
Javascript Regular Expression Remove Spaces +0.52
Is it bad to modify a JS core object? -0.41
when I use global scope variable without 'var', its showing me Erro... 0.00
Coffeescript/Javascript variable scope 0.00
Weird javascript behaviour FireFox 5.0 +0.75
accessing global property using "this" keyword inside a f... -0.48
Difference between Object.create(foo) and new Object(foo)? +0.16
Assigning RegExp.test to a variable +0.64
confusion about javascript exercise +0.47
javascript global variable with 'var' and without 'var' +0.92
Augmenting Object object with a function that all objects can use 0.00
JavaScript RegExp.test() returns false, even though it should retur... +0.15
Executing a string without eval or is eval ok to use here? +0.58
Javascript function parameter to String +0.51
whats wrong with this code? I am not able to extend the Number object +0.57
Defining all public methods or prototype individual methods? -1.28
What's the difference between declaring a function by itself or att... -0.69
Prototype in this Array slice call, why? +0.51
JavaScript: How does 'new' work internally +0.69
Difference between call() function and calling implicit constructor... +1.21
javascript singleton object per string -0.52
What's the point of "var t = Object(this)" in the officia... +0.98
Syntax for creating objects with composite keys in JavaScript +0.14
Object.preventExtensions actually allows mutation of __proto__? -3.15
why **(Object.__proto__ instanceof Function)** === false? -0.30
Indirect function call in JavaScript +0.19
Are strings object? +0.46
What advantages does using (function(window, document, undefined) {... +0.56
Regex string ends with not working in Javascript +0.52
What is the order of execution of declarations in JavaScript? +0.51
JavaScript equivalent of Python's format() function? +0.67
Is there a way to truncate scientific notation numbers in Javascript? +0.72
difference between "void 0 " and "undefined" +0.76
Javascript (beginner): Performance issue using arbitrary numerical... -0.02
Does JavaScript (ECMAScript5) Strict Mode offer significant perform... +0.33
JS prototype returns prototype code +0.39
JavaScript Heredoc? Escape Newline: JSLint Bad Escapement? +0.92
JavaScript type casting -0.95
new Date() using Javascript in Safari 0.00
Self-references in object literal declarations -0.61
JavaScript, transform object into array +0.74
Switching out an object's prototype 0.00
If I set only a high index in an array, does it waste memory? -0.05
Checking if data is immutable +0.35
Is Array(5) equivalent to var a = []; a.length = 5; in JS? +0.82
Is there a performance hit of replacing local variables with argume... -0.15
Simplest way to convert a JSON object to a newly structured JSON ob... -0.75
Cases where 'this' is the global Object in Javascript +0.39
How do I use chained javascript prototype inheritance? +0.78