An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1543.65 (10,155th)
20,321 (6,667th)
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Title Δ
How do I get a crossfade transition with resize on macos using stor... 0.00
C++ program does not show output until it terminates +0.44
Only import NSURLSession in OS X 10.8 , but don't use -0.00
OS X NSStatusItem How to set the accessibility title for VoiceOver 0.00
NSTextView inside NSView and NSScrollView -0.07
How can I see if a file is a hard link in Mac finder? -0.04
First responder is set right on OSX10.7 but not in OSX 10.10 0.00
How to Find the Source of an NSInternalInconsistencyException in an... -2.46
Read-only properties of protocols in Swift -2.11
How to find out what object an NSControl is bound to via cocoa bind... 0.00
NSDate is wrong when doing 'dateFromString' +1.98
Mysterious infinite loop in Python 2.7.9 on Mac OS X 10.10.3 0.00
How is a file handle closed when it goes out of scope? +0.43
How safe is it to use Class pointer? +1.86
Rust: PartialEq trait in generics 0.00
How to get the address of an object in an NSMutableArray +1.05
KVO notification not sent when using the super class' setter 0.00
NSTextField - Input validation with KVO? 0.00
Automatically wrap NSTextField using Auto Layout 0.00
Obj C and makeObjectsPerformSelector - am I overlooking something? -0.06
Why NOT use optionals in Swift? -0.51
Swift vs. +[NSValue valueWithNonretainedObject:] -1.84
NSTextView selection highlights all characters even line indents 0.00
Lifetime of retained memory in Swift closures -1.44
Splitting up Swift code in multiple lines for better readability -0.05
Subclassing NSWindowController in Swift and init(windowNibName) +0.43
NSColorPanel to hex issue? 0.00
Is = equivalent to [self setTarget] for a synthesised p... -0.52
Objective-c block lifetime ARC 0.00
Autosizing vertical line in Obj-C on OSX +1.84
Force obj-c to throw an exception when accessing a nil property -0.53
Reason to include "-ObjC" in Xcode -0.07
OSX move file with uneven number in file name +1.80
What are Python's type "objects" exactly -0.13
Python run a script as root and /home folder 0.00
Why cannot a dynamically sized array be allocated on stack? -2.43
NSLocalizedString versus switch language from app 0.00
Objective-C char from NSDictionary -1.87
Storing and retrieving an int64_t from an NSDictionary: NSNumber vs... 0.00
Where is the option saved for always allowing codesign'ing with a p... 0.00
What can make nanosleep drift with exactly 10 sec on mac OS X 10.9 0.00
Should i close file before move it? +0.96
NSMutableData allocation performance 0.00
NSView inside an NSPopover: Converting Coordinates -0.02
NSWindow display and setViewsNeedDisplay 0.00
__weak example in ARC code +0.23
Any work around starting UI from OSX daemon 0.00
Decoding a Cryptic Python statement +0.41
Opening terminal window in a specific folder in mac os x +0.43
How to get notified when a zeroing weak reference becomes nil on Ob... -0.76