An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1563.41 (4,900th)
8,213 (19,101st)
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Title Δ
FDIV how to use it in nasm, assembly -0.65
How do i wake a computer from being in sleep mode? in Vb 2008 expr... -2.76
How can I create a sleep function in 16bit MASM Assembly x86? +0.88
convert ASM to C (not reverse engineer) +0.17
Learning assembly +3.00
Algorithms: Rearrange 2D Matrix (through element 'flipping') -4.77
How does an OS affect how assembly code runs? +3.32
Why is PostgreSQL so slow on Windows? -0.75
Postgresql: is better using multiple databases with 1 schema each,... +3.24
Delete a row at a certain line number in Postgres +3.36
How do I get the value of the autogenerated fields using Postgresql? +1.70
Map incrementing integer range to six-digit base 26 max, but unpred... -1.05
Mysql Duplicate entry error on ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE -4.16
Traffic Shaping, Failover tools -2.77
Very low bitrate video codec? +3.34
Crypto in Ruby and Alphanumeric +1.43
Data storage to ease data interpolation in Python -4.44
What is the best way to update (or replace) an entire database tabl... +3.38
Ideas to create a small (<10 digits), not (very) secure "ha... -0.60
how to set LaTeX font size in millimeter? 0.00
Get the 1-norm of a vector in Python -0.00
Why use a Vector to represent velocity in a game? +2.56
Generating color ranges in Python +3.42
storing passwords in SQL Server -0.10
Efficient Timer Algorithm +4.24
How to protect a running column within Oracle/PostgreSQL (kind of M... +1.12
Data corruption in PostgreSQL timestamp field +3.59
Generate AES key with seed value -2.30
When is an index (in a DBMS) a bad index? +2.05
How can I get exactly n random lines from a file with Perl? +3.73
launch a process off a mysql row insert +3.35
equality of matrices of m * n +3.54
Preventing a heavy process from sinking in the swap file -3.93
Matrix-Algebra Design Decomposition -0.68
Is a kd-tree suitable for 4D space-time data (x,y,z,time)? +4.07
postgresql/postgis backup strategy to restore after geos/postgis re... 0.00
LIMIT the return of non-unique values -2.24
Oracle XE or Postgres? +3.46
Validate if a column has a null value -1.85
What packages are available to typeset SQL in LaTeX? -4.23
Efficiency/speed for trigonometric functions -4.08
How to gain performance when maintaining historical and current data? +2.26
What's the difference between B-Tree and GiST index methods (in Pos... +3.09
How to create a lot (I mean a lot) of sockets in Linux? +1.98
Hidden Features of PostgreSQL -4.00
Why ActiveMQ, as opposed to a simple Queue/Mutex? -1.48
Length of an XML file -3.05
Database Indexes -3.66
Ensuring thread synchronization in SQL possible? -0.94
SELECT * FROM in MySQLi -3.62