An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1699.49 (130th)
127,336 (464th)
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Title Δ
Why can't an IIFE be used with Douglas Crockford's style wh... +1.52
Is there a built in way to get date in 6 digit format YYMMDD? -0.98
Vanilla Javascript merge JSON array objects into nested array if ma... +0.26
Multiple nested tabs 0.00
who to get diffrence between two id's as a same structure +1.50
Splitting an array in equal parts +1.14
Time complexity of a recursive function called variably in a loop 0.00
Executing asynchronous processing function from nested loops in order -3.12
How to select property based on value? -1.62
PHP regex syntax problem: slashes in non-capturing classes 0.00
Toggle checkboxes with radio button -0.80
Filter for items in nested array using lodash 0.00
Promise reject - timeout logging placement -0.05
Modify regex pattern to capture nested tags into an array of objects 0.00
Can we pass object as param in sql like array to prevent sql inject... 0.00
How do I refactor this MySQL query (2 tables)? 0.00
Mysql : Optimal way to do count(*) operation on a low cardinality c... 0.00
How to get number of links to javascript object property +0.81
use javascript to write a random <script> 0.00
Promise and modify return value +2.01
Mysql Query: find the most checkout person on library? +1.23
How to auto generate number in an input field? -0.93
Get async result in async.filter() array nodejs 0.00
Checking for internet connection before form submission -0.26
list of dict with same key name 0.00
this for loop using arrays seems do not work in javascript? -0.93
RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison for... 0.00
Javascript | addOnEventListener not working? -0.25
Async await its showing undefined 0.00
Convert checkboxes as binary values ( '0' for unchecked, &#... 0.00
Can not replace a special combination of characters using javascript +0.97
jQuery "this" apparently not selecting unique instance 0.00
Javascript start loader on keypress and stop when SVG drawn 0.00
Using search and replace with regex in javascript 0.00
Get difference of 2 dates in years, months, days, but answer is alw... +0.24
Window and DOM loading -0.25
Assign values of object on another array in JavaScript -0.26
Json Object Sorting in Php 0.00
Javascript: replace everything but numbers and allow only one dot +1.07
Why is my .done triggering before the promise is complete? 0.00
Multiple Scripts or one? Can it suport duplicates? -0.74
How to Select rows based on values in already selected rows 0.00
Better algorithm generating random numbers in JS +1.57
how to increase width of right column of header +0.24
Is their a way I can make a workable chess pawn move set using para... +0.24
Loop through array from NIST API.. Cant get it working 0.00
Inline arrow function click listener +0.24
jQuery split td content by coma and whitespace, style and join - ho... -0.76
serialize a binary tree in python with one input parameter 0.00
NVL function not returning expression 2 +1.53