An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1671.03 (318th)
142,227 (409th)
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Title Δ
Extract a sub-tree from a hierarchy tree based on a leaf in Oracle 0.00
Move element to end of array +0.08
How to avoid nested Promises to read from Firestore and wait for al... 0.00
Center elemement without centering all chidren recursively? +0.76
How to match 2 separate numbers in Javascript -2.28
How to “tripartite” a tree using 0, 1 and 2 and maximize the number... 0.00
Why does javascript new Date add one hour depending on the format o... 0.00
How to match values into separate optional groups with a regex base... -0.51
Problem with comparing Merge and Insertion Sort +0.78
Could someone please tell me how I could simplify this code? +0.62
How can I implement the merge functionality for 2048 -1.41
How do I make a string of numbers to have no spaces in between them... -2.73
Custom ajax promise function signature 0.00
Inorder Traversal Iterative Method 0.00
BFS traversal on multi-way trees? -1.70
object iteratin skipping over double digits? +1.49
PHP parse function call with parameters from string +0.27
Can you use reduce to return a boolean based off whether or not a s... -1.43
Split array in groups with percentages +0.26
K array Tree Height using DFS with Recursion, is the code logic wro... 0.00
Why return 0 or 1 in recursive matrix traversal algorithm? 0.00
Big O complexities 10n = O(n²) +0.25
Given a list of ranges some with higher priority than others determ... -0.68
Best practice: Javascript Classes depending on asynchronously fetch... +0.28
Javascript algorithm - path with fewest line strokes in grid +0.27
The number of different ordered trees with 3 nodes labeled Y, Y, Z... 0.00
How do binary heaps determine their parent if it involves a half (i... 0.00
Difference between HTML template content and innerHTML 0.00
JavaScript: Detect a Loop in a Hierarchical Graph -2.70
Adding Multiple Durations in Javascript -0.36
How to create BST in post order-way - algorithm theory -0.80
Order of promise wrong 0.00
Snake Ladder using BFS -0.71
Tic-tac-Toe regex +0.79
Is there a way to Bubble sort user input in Javascript? +0.27
Tic Tac Toe board in HTML -0.24
Clone on click does not produce new DOM element -2.91
Giving infinite as result when using matrix chain multiplication to... 0.00
Added duplicate data are ovewritten in LocalStorage 0.00
Double '+' signs messing with !NaN in JS 0.00
Issue with bubblesort not sorting last number -0.73
Modifying strings in an array of strings with duplicate keys with J... 0.00
MySQL : employee are sorted according to job level and job position... 0.00
Why jQuery.ready has strikethrough? 0.00
Iterate over Store via Map 0.00
While and Exit Condition in Binary Search 0.00
Maximum call stack exceeded error On function Find Small Common Mul... 0.00
Minimum number of levels in an n-ary tree? 0.00
How to check whether an object is empty? -0.41
Transpose using a map() and lambda 0.00