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Rating Stats for

Vijay Krishna

1505.86 (125,205th)
501 (272,960th)
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Title Δ
How to get the maximum out of a list of "hh:mm" timestamps? -3.55
Executing multiple SQL queries on Spark - Table or view not found 0.00
How to filter date data in spark dataframes? -0.39
How to append new data to existing Hive table using Spark data fram... 0.00
Disable spark catalyst optimizer 0.00
Dynamic values passing to sparkSQL 0.00
installing requirements of pyspark job before spark-submit 0.00
Unable to read parquet file locally in spark 0.00
What is 'no viable alternative at input' for spark sql? +3.93
Spark/Scala: Remove some component from a DataFrame with Array type... -2.12
Import csv to impala 0.00
How to get the count of impala table records into a variable in she... 0.00
how to read a complex type array<string> on impala or hive? 0.00
error: not found: value StructType/StructField/StringType 0.00
Not Serializable exception when reading Kafka records with Spark St... +3.95
Spark 2.0 read csv number of partitions (PySpark) +4.00
Not able to register temp table while using hive context in Spark-s... +0.03