An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1429.14 (4,190,577th)
825 (179,190th)
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Title Δ
How do I get this if statement to finish executing before the rest... +1.02
joining two strings with Malloc -1.03
How the answer of this for loop is 5? -3.14
C: duplicate symbols for architecture x86_64 +4.77
Add class on click and then remove class on delay (timeout function) 0.00
Strcmp generate a core dump -3.25
Looping over JavaScript object and adding string to end if not the... +2.51
C macro to turn a pin on or off +4.83
jQuery Marquee scrolling text won't work within a Bootstrap Modal +0.85
Changing style properties inside 'click' events in multiple... 0.00
Bash if then else syntax -3.16
jquery add element to javascript variable +0.81
Using querySelectorAll on checkboxes to display an array +0.60
My JavaScript code with objects and methods isn't working -3.15
Recv return more bytes then the message lenght is 0.00
Prevent Mouseenter and Mouseleave Firing Within Element Without Usi... -3.29
php - for loop repeating itself / going out of sequence -1.14
define a directory for including a file -3.60
How can i detect just the new line input using scanf, and printing... +0.56
If statement need to match multiple possibilities -2.73
how can i split a string into tokens and store the tokens in a diff... -2.42
I create dynamically some text area in a div. How can i get its nam... 0.00
Add fadeOut in front of fadeIn +2.31
Trying to understand functions with pointers in C -0.01
How can I create a movie effect with a few images using jquery? 0.00
Creating a color pallett 0.00
How to stop repeat occurences of sliding up and down -3.05
Jquery link to show divs in sequence one at a time? -3.39
What is a wrong in this if/else code? -0.80
how to call a javascript or jquery function after the previous func... +0.73
Picking out multiple lines from a file at once -2.97
String tokenization strange character output -3.35
First character of pointer -3.55
Using a recursive function to dynamically update an array +4.72
Trying to set a struct's inside array to be initialized in C +4.66
Printing struct field prints only the last element multiple times - C -2.76
Tic Tac Toe C program not executing correctly 0.00
Declaring and defining conditions in C -3.40
javascript: using an assignment statement where a conditional expre... -3.29
Listening for Java boolean variable changes in JavaScript 0.00
If else Jquery for IP number 0.00
HTML & CSS Simple Crossword -3.55
A simple text file wouldn't be created [C, GCC] -3.60
Aligning multiple images in a single <div> element +0.30
parse output like id:name/class:id to id:class:name with bash awk -3.24
C var definition, char limit is bytes or bits? +4.76
Call Javascript function and execute PHP at the same time? -1.40
Confused on struct array and resizing in C +2.09
Write an IP with Netmask (sed) -3.16
Can't center text HTML / CSS -3.33