An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1465.09 (4,398,203rd)
712 (202,670th)
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Title Δ
When benchmarking, what causes a lag between CPU time and "ela... -0.29
C++ best way to define cross-file constants -3.64
Calculating the shortest distance between two lines (line segments)... -3.27
What method of multivariate interpolation is the best for practical... -3.81
segfault on Win XP x64, doesn't happen on XP x32 - strncpy issue? H... +4.44
Console menu updating OpenGL window -1.56
Console menu updating OpenGL window -1.56
Is Virtual Memory still relevant in today's world of inexpensive RAM? +1.15
Passing pointers of arrays in C -2.31
How to Approach Pointers in C? -1.40
Why does backtracking make an algorithm non-deterministic? -2.41
Is it acceptable not to deallocate memory -3.00
How to become a better C++ programmer? -3.00
How do you calculate the average of a set of angles? -3.11
Converting polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates +1.26
Dynamic Polymorphism and Dynamic Memory Allocation -1.39
What's a good weighting function? +1.24
Algorithm for modeling expanding gases on a 2D grid -1.57
passing pointer to recursive function in C -3.09
Is using a while block to do nothing a bad thing? +3.42
Significant new inventions in computing since 1980 -0.38
Mixing OpenGL and GDI on Windows -3.93
Can quantum algorithms be used for encryption? -2.88
How do Trigonometric functions work? -3.83