An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1677.25 (246th)
543,186 (29th)
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Title Δ
Print all environment variables but skipping multiline variables 0.00
htaccess redirect from time to time 0.00
Regexp - joining multiple lines not starting with dash 0.00
Java Regex to match valid certificate format 0.00
How to use a regular expression with preg_match_all to split a stri... 0.00
php Regex file path | second matching after specific character 0.00
How to replace the values of a file by the values of another file? 0.00
Matching a word in comma separated list in bash 0.00
Bash: find files in directory with less than n lines 0.00
Redirect domain URL to subfolder of another domain in php 0.00
Searching string using grep and ignoring contents in between 0.00
Word Boundary regex does not match the whole word for Devnagari Scr... 0.00
Internal Server Error when url have twice file name 0.00
Regex negative lookbehind assistance 0.00
htaccess: Handle all requests by index.php except for particular page 0.00
All pages redirect to single page - Too many redirect wordpress 0.00
Apache 2.4 - IF block for different url patterns 0.00
Howto check if the first 4 characters of first name and first 4 cha... 0.00
Regex to find words from list, when specific words not appear 3 wor... 0.00
Regex to match multiple occurances IFF another string occurs 0.00
htaccess 301 redirect to new page is not working 0.00
Using Regular expression to match string that not end with 's 0.00
Removing all text between two sets of characters 0.00
Match all the strings before a char and exclude n number of string 0.00
Redirecting command output to variable as well as console in bash n... 0.00
How to silence $(command)>/dev/null - within a function, not --s... 0.00
How to capture everything until another capture group 0.00
.htaccess/mod_rewrite: running Angular app in sub-folder? 0.00
Why is the positive lookahead in my pcregrep Regex not working? 0.00
awk complains about non-terminated string in command from concatena... 0.00
.htaccess - remove everything after third slash in path 0.00
Grab the first and last element for every sequence 0.00
Regular Expression in Java for Password Pattern 0.00
How do I use JavaScript RegExp to replace last occurance of a string 0.00
Finding subdirectories of depth 1 that do _not_ include a file 0.00
Skip lines starting with a character and delete lines matching seco... 0.00
regular expression sub method does not replace all occurrences in p... 0.00
How can I extract some patterns of sub text from a gibberish lookin... 0.00
Why I get 500 internal server error when using .htaccess 0.00
.htaccess RedirectMatch exclude index.html 0.00
How to redirect my homepage only using .htaccess 0.00
How can I fix my regex so parameter 3 stays in capture group 3? 0.00
htaccess regex not appending get values 0.00
RegEx for capturing and replacing an element textContent 0.00
Regex match between parenthesis stopping at first space within pare... 0.00
Get Rewrite rules to be ignored on specific URL's 0.00
Htaccess 404 redirect custom rule for nested directories 0.00
Htaccess RewriteRule giving Internal Server Error 0.00
How to remove the parent directory of a subdirectory from the URL (... 0.00
.htaccess: Redirect from to 0.00