An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1677.25 (246th)
538,884 (29th)
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Title Δ
RegEx for single asterisk (*) and alphanumeric 0.00
How to pass echo statements from an invoked shell script into the p... 0.00
Using regex to capture dialogue of a character in Shakespeare 0.00
How to keep spaces in strings when converting to an array in bash? 0.00
Why isn't awk summing column in .tsv file from Distrokid? 0.00
Python 2.7 : matching expression using regex 0.00
How to get String Before Last occurrence of substring? 0.00
Java-Regular Expresion to match one backslah 0.00
Check if a file can actually be opened in bash 0.00
.htaccess RewriteRule file in another folder 0.00
Catch word occurring multiple times within quotes 0.00
Get numbers (including "-") with non leading zero 0.00
RegEx replacing numbers greater than variable in Javascript 0.00
Regex designing for special string 0.00
How can I split a string by white spaces that are not precedent by... 0.00
Does this RewriteRule require the `^` and `$` anchors? 0.00
Shell Script to take the values falling between two years 0.00
htaccess redirect with complete url 0.00
bash, how to select three fields of a file separated by space and t... 0.00
How to match a string with regex where specific character appears a... 0.00
URL re-writing without affecting ajax functions 0.00
Regular expression match everything after newline 0.00
Point subfolder to root without changing URL 0.00
RegEx grouping with default value if not found using PHP 0.00
Match executable with path that might contain spaces 0.00
Search for string in a file from a certain line no 0.00
Python regex: match only if pattern is repeated n number of times 0.00
dynamic page redirection with .htaccess 0.00
.htaccess rewrite rule from dynamic url to static url (no querystri... 0.00
sed replaces '=' sign when only dot present in negated set 0.00
sed regex for multiple occurrences of capture group 0.00
Remove consecutive duplicate characters in a string javascript 0.00
Redirect to old images folder, from new "root" folder 0.00
Remove multiple sequences from fasta file 0.00
Reading a file into variable without newlines 0.00
Regex matching one instance of special character 0.00
AWK - add value based on regex 0.00
awk freezing when I direct to a file 0.00
Find string enclosed within special characters using regex 0.00
htaccess - redirect with condition not working on localhost 0.00
htaccess remove ? from the url and redirect 0.00
Get the string between two words that are the closest to each other 0.00
Extract multiple columns and add null character in between 0.00
htaccess file not recognizing and/or handling rewrite rule 0.00
Match consecutive terms in row with ignoring spaces 0.00
Shell - Skip matching lines while read 0.00
301 redirect to domain with # in the URL 0.00
.htaccess adding trailing flash to URLS with periods in them 0.00
Regex for last words in string? 0.00
.htaccess RewriteRule behavior with existing subdirectories 0.00