An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1698.84 (146th)
554,601 (28th)
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Title Δ
pcregrep: how to match only the first occurence? 0.00
Regex: Match string until character possibly appears 0.00
Friendly URLs remain with the old portion of the URL 0.00
regex to drop the last "0" and drop any zeros at the star... 0.00
Setting and using environment variable in docker alpine in the same... 0.00
How to force redirect query string URL with htaccess? 0.00
htaccess 301 permanent redirect using query string 0.00
Java matcher not matching even conditioned to find() in a loop 0.00
how to print Lines Between Two Patterns in file using SED or AWK? 0.00
How to pass spaces in arguments to a command in a variable 0.00
Extended regex with Lookarounds Alternatives for grep but "con... 0.00
htaccess rewrite for routing from a sub directory 0.00
Rewrite url not wokring 0.00
.htaccess rewrite rule for same words 0.00
Correct way to remove folder name from website URL 0.00
Redirect if specific URL is given with htaccess 0.00
Set header for specific folder (.htaccess) -0.79
JavaScript replace first 5 characters with * +0.92
De-duplicate a key-value text file by key -2.74
Print lines between line numbers from a line list and save every in... +0.92
Use default value if no arguments are set except the first one in a... +1.55
RewriteRule - discard trailing slash 0.00
Regex: group of optional words surrounded by non-alpha catches only... +0.81
regex to get exception after last match +0.65
Removing php extension and index (.htaccess) 0.00
How to make regex grouping find all occurrences? 0.00
How do I split a text file into an array by blank lines? 0.00
How to add double quotes around the values separated by a delimiter? +1.29
Regex : Want to eliminate dash start case 0.00
Grab a number from a text file using regex 0.00
Regex capturing groups within logical OR +1.00
Regex: match everything the other regex left +0.25
Java regex issue with: ###tag1@@@value1###tag2@@@value2###tag3@@@va... +0.67
.htaccess: 301 redirect not working in .htaccess in rewritten root... 0.00
Bash print repeated dash char is not working for my with printf 0.00
How to subtract 60 minutes from current time in unix +1.45
Remove up to last backslash from URL using sed -0.47
Htaccess redirect different domains 0.00
Get list of id's except for latest one from output +0.53
Figuring out a regex for possible times 0.00
comparing files by fields in bash -0.12
Regex to match 12-length words with exact 1 capital letter, exact 1... -0.25
Combining or and negation in Java regex? -0.75
Can I add a new value in the braces (permutation) inside a bash arr... 0.00
Matcher java doesn't work but regex seems to be good +0.25
What does the bash read -d '' do? +2.04
Htacces redirect specific slugs 0.00
With apache htaccess, allow access to files in a subdirectory that... 0.00
Modify non-unique line in file with sed/awk -0.06
Regex to match text from multiple links -1.39