An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1675.90 (253rd)
530,691 (29th)
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Title Δ
regex to ignore number followed by a word/non-numeric character 0.00
grep regex one-liner? 0.00
How to extract using regex this text from a complex set of strings? 0.00
Redirecting to a different directory with htaccess without changing... 0.00
sum by year and insert missing entries with 0 +0.94
How to use sed on mac to delete part of a line and the next line -0.73
.htaccess - Do not Apply rewrite rule for API calls +0.95
Get substring using either perl or sed -0.11
Java – Regex – match opening and closing curly tags 0.00
python:How to extract a word before and after the match using regex 0.00
How to write dollar symbol ($) using sed stream editor 0.00
replace in text with a var with some new lines +1.14
Regular Expression: 10 digits with dash on position 3,4 or 5 +0.64
How to make inner redirect for pages with url's which contains... 0.00
Case-insensitivity exclusively in lookbehind / lookahead groups for... -0.77
redirect all wild card subdomains and subdomain urls to the root do... -3.05
replacing values in shell script using sed +1.30
Validate single dot and space in regex 0.00
How to extract everything after whitespace bash scripting 0.00
PHP preg_match_all grab info between matches 0.00
.htaccess Rewrite Rule does not work correctly with index.php?path 0.00
Redirect 301 Urls with id number htaccess 0.00
How can I retrieve three parameters from a string using preg_match_... -1.02
Redirect subdirectory to subdomain without domain extension 0.00
Bash script not taking regex pattern +1.04
Regex for selecting entire sections based on text in section -0.86
Regex not completely matching the desired patterns -0.48
htaccess only redirects and won't rewrites 0.00
Filtering Data in CSV file +1.03
Remove forward slash but not date format in a string REGEX -0.24
split by comma if comma not in between brackets while allowing char... +1.34
Python Regex[Forking] - Capture Groups Based on Terms but Skipping... 0.00
Redirect 301 whole domain together with some specific URL's 0.00
Count arguments +0.67
Getting count of all possible substrings of length n in a file? (ex... +0.18
Remove specific multiple ending characters on a string -1.14
insert a character at x,y,z positions in a string -2.13
Pure bash: extracting a substring by combining ## and %% in one com... -2.13
Regex - finding a string that occurs in another string every n (fix... +0.26
How to search and replace a value corresponding to a string in a fi... 0.00
Why is grep unable to match on string "-n" and "-e&q... 0.00
How prevent unhautorized access to file with htaccess 0.00
regex | match first pattern | and stop if not matched 0.00
redirect all subdomains with htaccess 0.00
How can I find all specified files in a folder with extension .thri... 0.00
UNIX average of specific employee as per designation +1.09
Redirect URL if specific parameter doesn't exist 0.00
How to redirect one domain to another, non-www to www, and enforce... 0.00
How to find all words that match a regex? -0.71
Regex match last occurrence of a string from multiple lines +2.46