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1734.49 (59th)
740,003 (23rd)
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Title Δ
Python regex: Subsentence that contains number which can have thous... +0.21
Check if parameter does NOT match regex with two possible values? +1.01
Htaccess rewrite with parameter value +1.66
Pull out text before phrase - Regex R +1.04
How to redirect URL into a new URL using .htaccess? 0.00
How to add "\x" after every 2 words on a string in Javasc... 0.00
Using awk, subtract with previous row in all columns and print the... 0.00
Calculate the difference in milliseconds between 2 given time 0.00
Extract word in quotes from string +0.93
How to apply regex after applying lookarounds? 0.00
Regex to extract one or two values from text +1.10
How to remove this part from URL using htaccess? 0.00
how to rewrite for a page to base url with id in php using Htaccess 0.00
htaccess: how to stop it after first match +1.69
Case insensitive URL rewriting 0.00
How to use RegEx to get part of redirect url? -0.84
Deny access all files with gived extension except for one, how i do? 0.00
substitute symbole with a list of pattern -0.11
Grep only the matched values from the Input -0.89
Bash try to count number of occurence? +1.19
In file B find patterns from file A and replace with patterns from... -1.27
Capture [A-Z0-9]{6} - but only if it's not \d{6} -2.55
how to restrict access to a file in .htaccess to a particular domain 0.00
How to do pattern replacement with regex? -1.37
How do you make an exception to a .htaccess rewrite rule? 0.00
how to discard the last field of the content of a file using awk co... -0.35
Can I use HTACCESS to format this URL? -2.38
Modify URL with .htaccess [#Q2.] 0.00
RegEx match everything between multiple matches over multiple lines -0.67
Grep and awk use +1.65
PHP preg_split keep special characters inside double quotemarks +1.35
Htaccess www to non-www but keep the url intact 0.00
How to read key=value variables from one file and replace ${key} in... -2.67
Regex to exclude a range of numbers +0.61
Word count and it output +0.25
Regex: How to catch each line to create list +1.07
AWK FPAT not working as expected for string parsing -1.78
Replace characters only in headings +1.03
How using sed one can find and replace a pattern with multiple stri... -0.34
sed match one condition but not the other +1.24
How to get the line number of a string in another string in Shell +0.92
How to get the pivot lines from two tab-separated files? -1.39
extract variable from json style output in Linux command -2.98
Creating a regex with text, number and url combination 0.00
Replace URL parameter separator with .htaccess -2.39
Modify URL with .htaccess [#Q1.] 0.00
How can I make the following regex also match +0.59
How to specify htaccess rule for full string? +1.63
search for a pattern , change just the 3rd and 4th columns of a fil... -2.68
sed extract all matches on a line between 2 strings +0.63