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1674.64 (263rd)
308,037 (37th)
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Title Δ
Match two consecutive lines using Regex and Bash features only 0.00
Htaccess + regex - server returns 500 Internal Server error 0.00
htaccess two folder rewrite rule 0.00
Quite confused about `\?` in vim's regex -0.74
Issue in Regex for set for characters, fixed length and paces at be... +1.53
Extract word with regex except if it is a given word +0.25
Python - Fast reg exps to replace repeated spaces in a delimited file +0.27
How to match "as much as possible until the group is matched&q... 0.00
How can I replace matched strings from regular expression with thos... +0.27
Regex match all spaces between two characters +0.26
Subtract big number in bash -1.53
Transforming long list-like string into a new list +0.55
javascript regex how to match this 'And' 'Or' 0.00
for loop through stdin using previous item -1.40
two variables in one loop - first as a second variable 0.00
BASH: How aggregate a file with export environment variable to prop... +0.31
find + cp spaces in path AND need to rename. Howto? -0.02
How can I use positional parameter while the number of position is... -2.30
how can I extract specific string from text -0.22
how to output single alternates with bash nested for loop? 0.00
Regex & Sed: I would like to replace a string with three condit... +0.97
A string within a string in shell +1.35
Is there a way to use sed to remove only the exact string match? +1.44
Rewrite only the ROOT from a specific subfolder not any directory u... 0.00
Issue with .htaccess for friendly urls 0.00
How to find files containing a string N times or more often using e... +0.28
python regex lookbehind lookahead 0.00
htaccess - Remove Query String from URL but Leave Value +0.26
conditional assignment to string in sh -0.75
htaccess route only if no other parameter in url 0.00
Regex pattern that recognises file extension in Bash script not acc... +1.37
how to select the content with sed in linux shell +0.52
meaning of -a -z in if [ -z "$ENV_VAR" -a -z "$ENV_V... +0.72
How do I use awk to match multiple variable patterns? 0.00
Move to https://www, when it is www or http:// or without www and h... 0.00
Date output as command-line argument +0.27
How can I find all the folders that contain certain file extensions... -0.09
How to replace letters in lines in fasta file using bash loops? -0.24
How to do a 301 redirect of dynamic pages with query strings to sta... 0.00
Regex: Detect Phone numbers that are separated by dashes (-) and/or... +0.61
Using regex to extract based on a recurring pattern excluding newli... -0.48
Replace all spaces in string inside curly braces 0.00
best way to find top-level directory for path in bash +0.18
Block main domain and sub domains direct file access with single .h... 0.00
How to get the largest value in line +0.62
Is my sed command correct for to parse value of specific key from J... 0.00
Get JSON string from within javascript on a html page using shell s... -0.25
Matching any character followed by not numbers +0.25
Regular expressions: distinguish strings including/excluding a give... -1.94
Python Regex match if string has X amount of words that start with... +0.72