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Rating Stats for

Martin Zeitler

1454.42 (4,531,284th)
21,615 (6,152nd)
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Title Δ
Warning when counting values in session array 0.00
Firebase POST to Realtime Database adding an extra section -1.23
How to pass a user ID with the Google Play Billing Library? 0.00
Using BuildConfig.FLAVOR with android databinding 0.00
\ not found in Android Studio 0.00
Project name and ApplicationID match but i still get this error: No... 0.00
How to observe work status with Android Jetpack WorkManager? 0.00
Google play game services with Room database 0.00
Android install-time asset delivery access -0.10
Intent for "Settings > Connected Devices > Connection Pr... 0.00
Missing class: androidx.paging.PositionalDataSource 0.00
Building librealsense android app with NDK (native c++ code) part? 0.00
Access SHA-1 or Gradle tab from Android studio +0.56
Parsing JSON in PHP with encrypted values +0.31
How to get rid of deprecation warnings when providing backwards com... +0.56
Drawable behaves differently in different activity layouts in Andro... +0.07
Crashes are not reporting if I'm using FirebaseCrashlytics with... +0.99
How to download an script from the New Google Apps Script IDE? -0.71
Local development with Google Cloud Spring dependencies 0.00
Android asset name must end in .xml 0.00
Can publish to mavenLocal but not remote repo? 0.00
Android: Configurations .xml must agree on the root element's ID 0.00
Composer throws syntax error in browsercap.ini 0.00
New Gradle error after upgrading to Android Gradle Plugin 4.2.0-bet... +0.08
Android Kotlin Dividing two Double type numbers yields an incorrect... 0.00
Jenkins Emulator Plugin - Assigning Port Manually +0.57
Fastlane + Github Actions: Couldn't find gradlew at path 0.00
requiring a specific commit of a package - composer seems to be ign... -1.46
How to limit number of items in Recycler View? +0.57
Pre-populating Room database with Hilt without creating an extra in... -0.43
What do I use now that Obfuscated is not working in Kotlin or Java... 0.00
No adapter attached; skipping layout _____ AndroidX RecyclerView +0.56
Duplicate classes found in Gradle: How to define a group and module... +0.57
Flutter: Intent 0.00
How to open HTML files on a SDCard on an Android -0.10
issues running php as it unable to find the file 0.00
Android Material Slider OnChangeListener Response Delay/Skip Problem -1.15
How to get data from Sessions Table Laravel 8 0.00
Flutter video fails to play when the APK is built using M1 Mac 0.00
Alternative to cURL connect-to 0.00
Crash while inflating ongoing-notification layout right after upgra... -0.44
Java Bank Program - How to deduct from the balance +0.07
Can't build APK using Qt Creator due to gradle error 0.00
What is the cleanest way to sum elements in a list except the last... 0.00
Call another method inside the method in Java -0.74
Proguard Overflow of unsigned short value -0.44
Sub-typing on Primitive types in Java -1.00
SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused Laravel 8 +0.07
How to make APK compliant with Google Play 64-bit Requirement? +2.36
customize bottom navigation bar item layout -0.43