An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Alan Birtles

1511.90 (54,138th)
9,443 (16,252nd)
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Title Δ
Any way to detect whether an object of my class is create on stack? 0.00
Better design for multiple function call 0.00
Delegating constructors and reference parameters 0.00
How to define enable_if_t based overloads -0.83
Why am I getting munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: error 0.00
How to create a vector filled with C-Style function pointers and la... 0.00
Unexpected return value from main() function -1.32
nullptr = Node is not assigning correctly -0.03
Functions with same Signature in derived class but inherited as Pro... -0.01
What does >> do when used with string stream? -0.47
Why does printf cause deadlock with future.get while the cout does... +0.43
How to get a 'stack based' std::stack? (with fixed max size) -1.99
I need some help understanding some code involving Linked Lists in... -0.03
Send out-of-band data using boost asio 0.00
How to write a string with padding to binary file using fwrite? -1.51
Does going out of scope automatically deletes the dynamic array mem... -0.03
What's difference between websocketpp and boost.asio? 0.00
c++ aborted core dumped during pthread_join() 0.00
How to get original exception back from std::exception once caught? -0.81
order of c++ range based iterations of std::vector +3.06
function overloading with derived class 0.00
match strings between outer single quotes +1.41
Metafunction returning element type using decltype 0.00
Why i cannot log in successfully? 0.00
How to use vscode-clangd with c++11? 0.00
is it possible to build an application with external libraries of d... -0.48
Print L part of a matrix using single loop -0.03
insertion in linked list start mid and end +2.19
Why does C++ array creation cause segmentation fault? 0.00
why it's impossible to sort a string just like a sorting of a c... +1.34
C++ Merge sorting error breaks on newline text 0.00
Class member function as a template parameter in case of inheritance +0.18
Why might Visual Studio 2017 be showing an error of 'day_point&... +1.74
Program does not terminate -0.51
Overload resolution of template functions +0.84
stackoverflow when cloning graph recursively -0.71
Unable to compile managed c# code within unmanaged c++ code using c... +0.04
How to resolve ambiguity inside a lambda that inside a static method? -1.51
Explicit instantiation of function template with `using` or otherwise 0.00
Default constructor of the structure for correct std::map behaviour -1.41
Job/Task consuming queue, a valid case for self-erasing items? 0.00
Simple C++ Loop Not Benefitting from Multithreading +0.50
How to tell there is another thread trying to hold mutex? +0.50
Calling a template function problems "No matching function for... 0.00
Problem with filling a QMap with pointers to member functions +1.66
C++ dll throws EntryPointNotFoundException in C# code 0.00
How can I pass this std::function to std::async 0.00
adding two binary numbers(integer array) -2.15
How to Notify Tail updates to threads in c++ windows? [Read uncache... 0.00
How can I set the stack size of the main thread of a new process cr... 0.00