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Alan Birtles

1523.09 (23,950th)
9,443 (16,246th)
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Title Δ
What is the difference between begin () and rend ()? 0.00
How do I know if a thread stopped in C++? 0.00
Type to store a highly precise decimal < 1 0.00
error: invalid operands to binary expression (map use find function... 0.00
Why does std::enable_shared_from_this allow multiple std::shared_pt... 0.00
Returning libconfig class Setting object reference from function 0.00
Image created using Gdk::Pixbuf is garbled upon display 0.00
Access violation in huge array? 0.00
C++ deleting first element in array of pointers effects later eleme... 0.00
boost multi_index_container not compiling 0.00
The best way to find number of occurrences of word in string (C++,... 0.00
Getting 0 as the size of stack allocated array whose size is given... 0.00
Getting address of class member function and calling it from pointer 0.00
Alternative to declaring a type alias inside a class 0.00
object on global scope causes crash when program exits 0.00
Vector of unordered_maps, searching in maps too slow 0.00
For cycle with strings 0.00
C++ Try-Catch Statement not catching an exception 0.00
How to do constructor for 2D vector in C++? 0.00
How to Access Members in a Linked List Inside a Linked List 0.00
std::sort crashes with strict weak ordering - comparing with garbag... 0.00
Float datatype misinterpretation 0.00
How can I handle circular #include calls in a template class header? 0.00
Preprocessor definitions work in Release mode, not Debug 0.00
cannot convert 'std::optional<int>' to '__gnu_cxx... 0.00
Standalone asio async_connect not firing off bound handler 0.00
Reusing a pointer of double array without memory leak in C++ via &q... 0.00
Print a struct with a known size 0.00
Problem with template type T not being understood by my operator ov... 0.00
what is meaning of "conversion from void to non scalar type st... 0.00
Fastest way to read in a file c++ 0.00
How to Concatenate Unicode string into a character string to pass i... 0.00
Cannot return std::unique_ptr from function without move 0.00
A Function about Removing Vowels Compile Error 0.00
C++ Memory Limit Exceeded when running small numbers 0.00
When Class deconstructor is called, std::string throws an error 0.00
Uninitialized constant, compilation error, C++, GNU 0.00
Passing pointer to function as an output parameter 0.00
How to do a sql_query with a variable in C++? 0.00
In C++, why can't I generate independent random integer samples... 0.00
Process returned -1073741819 (0xC0000005) (why though??) 0.00
How to append obtained char values in a loop into a String, to pass... 0.00
What's the fastest way to reinitialize a vector? +0.59
C++ pointer not storing value 0.00
Integrate applications developed in different VS versions 0.00
enable shared from this crash 0.00
Use boost strand and std::mutex 0.00
Scheduling concept in programming - user input -2.30
Improper mingw.thread.h header file installation 0.00
How to set the value of a boost::optional member variable in a sett... 0.00