An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1495.90 (4,089,692nd)
3,053 (55,191st)
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Title Δ
How to search for items in a list in a dataframe and count them +2.78
python SciPy curve_fit with np.exp returns with pcov = inf -0.49
Is there a way to make pandas sort_values default to descending? +0.51
Transform single row into two rows based on two columns values -0.43
How to change the length of a value in a DataFrame +0.51
Zipping nested lists +1.07
TensorFlow Keras Custom Callbacks on_test_begin doesn't overrid... 0.00
Comparing NumPy Arrays for Similarity 0.00
How to pass list of conditions to method which checks all posibble... 0.00
numpy reshape based on index +1.76
How to find an element of a nested list using another element of th... -0.62
A method to remove duplicates from a multi dimensional array by com... -0.48
Doing calculations with multiple numpy arrays without for loops +1.09
Custom Keras loss function that conditionally creates a zero gradient -1.71
Returning signature of base class when using a mixin +0.01
Range list for every item in list loop -0.06
Check if a value already exists within a list +0.50
In Tensorflow, how to add an tensor/array to tensor/array which alr... 0.00
Calculate product of an array efficiently +0.22
pytest output results are garbled within pycharm 0.00
How does tf.keras.layers.Conv2D with padding='same' and str... -0.46
How to override attributes in subclass, but maintain methods of sup... 0.00
No Inbound Nodes - Keras CNN Model 0.00
Conditional replacing - Python +0.02
Delete dictionary from list dictionaries if the keys don't exis... +1.16
How to make a grade calculator in Python +0.27
Fitting polynomials with additional functions +1.92
numpy's hstack on tensorflow for a single matrix/tensor +1.53
How can I plot AUC and ROC while using fit_generator and evaluate_g... 0.00
minimize a function in Tensorflow 0.00
Fast Fourier Transform adjust scaling -0.30
Count instances of strings in multiple columns python -0.31
Split string from a preset list of strings from pandas df column +0.23
Tensor flow throws an uninitialized error even after the variable i... 0.00
Convert nested dictionary to appended dataframe +1.46
keras unable to call model.predict_classes for multiple times 0.00
python numpy exponentially spaced samples between a start and end v... -0.48
Why is optimize curve fit in scipy creating a straight line for thi... +1.23
Plotting two theoretical PDFs with each two histogram data set 0.00
Keras train and validation metric values are different even when us... 0.00
Modifying (keras/tensorflow) Tensors using numpy methods -0.80
Python: Add 0/Zero in a string inside a cell -0.91
Tensorflow Keras output style 0.00
Keras Metric for bucketizing a regression output 0.00
Keras: Callbacks Requiring Validation Split? +0.52
Jupyter Notebook Tensorflow MNIST import Error: ImportError: cannot... 0.00
Python: Why does removing frequencies using FFT approach not seem t... -0.45
Escaping items in an array (Python) -1.82
Python printing values -0.85
Matplotlib/Seaborn on calculated value (Pandas Dataframe) 0.00