An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1479.57 (4,323,234th)
255 (420,993rd)
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Title Δ
Cutting data via sql query -1.10
Best SQL query for list of records containing certain characters? -1.93
Split in SQL Query Problem +0.66
How to use an XOR like function in SQL -1.71
Adding Additional Where Clause in SQL Takes Big Performance Hit -0.89
Conditional UNION in stored procedure -2.14
SQL: Cancel 'where' on null parameter -2.74
SQL join syntax, when do you use "AS"? -2.70
SQL: self JOIN top 1 from table SELECTs? (or better way of doing it... +2.40
SQL Server Triggers, Stored Procedures +3.96
How to Insert Data from multiple tables into one +0.45
Using part of a field value in TSQL +2.29
SQL - How to display the students with the same age? -2.45
need help understanding a function 0.00
SQL Query problem -3.58
sql - duplicates +0.26
ACCESS/SQL: How to INSERT INTO/UPDATE at the same time? -3.99
Sql Server 2005 COUNT on view takes too long -1.25
Union returns two rows if data is different, one if it's the same!... -1.41
Insert question -0.01
SQL Wildcard Question +1.30
Difficulty with SQL UNION involving queries with different number o... -4.00
what is the best way to delete millions of records in TSQL? -1.86
ASP.NET UpdatePanel Error htmlfile: Unknown runtime error, updatePa... 0.00