An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1515.90 (42,075th)
6,167 (26,415th)
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Title Δ
MVC Anti-forgery Token won't allow multiple file upload when po... +0.48
Serve file, log when download is finished +0.02
Understanding VSCode keybindings: <cmd+X cmd+Y> vs. <cmd+X... 0.00
Snooze for alarm clock -0.02
How to use ternary operator in cshtml page. (Razor View Engine) 0.00
Calculator Trouble: Only getting second value I enter -1.34
How can I use validation in self property object in C#? 0.00
ASP.NET Core routing error 0.00
Slab Calculation in SQL 0.00
Why the current macro will return the value of 14? -1.30
SQL Query - Partition by +0.07
Want to understand a query for a view i'm trying to dissect +1.72
How to get div to be a percentage of a sibling element +1.57
SQL Server : select/create duplicate rows with time shift [ reverse... +0.76
Menu is not closing on click -0.27
Core 2.0 MVC - How to link to a dynamic PDF saved on the file system 0.00
Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list - JS and ASP.NET 0.00
Array element at index always returns 0 0.00
Checking if any date between date range was within a specific year 0.00
SQL Server: getting SCOPE_IDENTITY() not working with linked server 0.00
Linq to SQL Date conversion error +2.76
Re-use Query Parts in T-SQL 0.00
SQL - WHERE with CASE statement -1.63
Best way for conditional join - SQL Server -1.06
Use user ID on a layout in ASP.NET Core 0.00
In a Stored Proc, looking for table names (maybe with regex?) exclu... +0.48
Config statement cannot be used inside a user transaction -0.07
TSQL Replacing "Quirky Update" Calculations with Windowin... 0.00
Why is IFormFile showing null, and how do I fix it? 0.00
TSQL - Run date comparison for "duplicates"/false positiv... +1.73
How to get the current region DateFormat like "dd/mm/yyyy" +1.21
Avoid NullReferenceException in LINQ Expression on Datatable column -1.46
Datediff and pivot 0.00
How to use a single query with a varying WHERE clause +2.38
SQL: How to combine (merge) similar columns to remove NULLs via JOIN +0.33
SQL - How can I Group sets of sequential numbers and return the MIN... 0.00
SQL IN Operator with different comparators -1.63
SQL Subquery using IN Statment with coalesce -0.62
How to prevent controllers in wrong areas from being used in MVC5 0.00
Parameterized SQL Injection in Fortify C# 0.00
A handful of errors in SQL +0.07
SQL query with column name obtained from another table SQL Server 2... -0.01
Deleting entries in DropDownList causes "Value cannot be null.... -0.60
SQL: detect when a recurring log (every 30s) is missing -1.08
requestFullscreen in Chrome: image remains small +0.48
UPDATE SQL column based on values of another column. (It's not... +1.24
Sort() function: How does JS compiler know what A and B is? -0.55
ASP.Net MVC: Why only selected value is getting passed to action wh... +2.61
Returning nullable and null in single C# generic method? -0.72
Sort 2 arrays simultaneously by property -2.27