An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1510.45 (67,815th)
1,071 (146,176th)
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Title Δ
git push when there are untracked files +1.58
When remove someone from paid private repo, will they still be able... 0.00
What happens when two developers are committing non-compatible chan... -0.57
Unable to change branch - package-lock.json being tracked? 0.00
Addition of two strings gives unintended result -1.48
How to map array of object 0.00
PA of Big O notation 0.00
Is Git Command line (git bash) same for all services which is githu... +0.15
How to delete a commit with a password from BitBucket git repositor... -2.10
Accessing the value returned by .then() promise -0.27
Return empty when using await? -1.39
Counting basic operations in function call 0.00
Github pull requests showing more and more old merges 0.00
*Help* Determining the run time of a program 0.00
Do variables created within a function get global scope? +3.88
what to do with time complexity of native functions when calculatin... 0.00
My c++ array value don't want to change, it output infinite loop +4.99
Local branch after using git clone +3.91
Do I have to run "git pull" after "git clone"? -4.24
How do I make an array display properly? 0.00
why is a leap year returning a none also? +4.10
What is this function actually returning? +4.02
React Assign Value If Not Null -4.19
Big O of fixed size array linear search +4.45
Why I have to use a " , " when ever I add something to a... 0.00
Using dropzone.js, I would like to send custom formData 0.00
Trouble with variable scope in javascript -1.13
Javascript array restructuring for nested array -1.98
Override if statement with variables 0.00
Javascript printing all if conditions in textbot 0.00
Fast-forward merge is not possible. To merge this request, first re... -2.70
understanding functions and numbers -1.40
Why does my github url permission got denied when I'm pushing it? 0.00
Write a program in python to fetch state of residence and marital s... +3.84
git push --force-with-lease vs. --force +4.12
What does "-b" stand for in "git checkout -b *insert... -4.06
Push 3 random names into a new Array +3.34
Trouble with object boolean function -0.99
what is the best way to extract variables with '=' from a s... -1.34
Remove optional parameter from AJAX url +1.63
How to make the value of the calculator button appear on the displa... 0.00
Button not centering +4.11
Compare 2 arrays with nested for loops -2.58
While Loop complication in guess the number game +0.09
Burgermenu: providing round border around it -2.08
What does .parent mean when placed after a variable with an ! (ex.... +3.90
Github not showing commits in my master branch in contribution 0.00
HTML5 Input Pattern for Telephone Number +0.60
Remove spaces from string after and before letter +1.25
Python: open a URL with accent +5.97