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Ahmad F

1521.38 (28,545th)
17,984 (7,751st)
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Title Δ
Swift Set - Difference between "randomElement" and "... -1.98
What is the most efficient way to test every number in a sequence a... -1.19
Open new ViewController from itself +1.91
figure out which button was pressed while differ between long-press... +0.47
How to return value from a framework closure 0.00
How to slow down MapView animation in Swift? 0.00
how to display 6 images in a loop on a imagview 0.00
Accessing variable out completion block 0.00
Main storyboard and Simulator shows different views 0.00
Collection View reusable cell issue while scrolling -0.04
Swift tuples comparison -0.21
How to avoid re-parsing Error when using enum that conforms to Erro... 0.00
How can I use a protocol's type in method signature? 0.00
How to download image from iCloud without re-saving it? 0.00
Swift return random String +0.58
Filtering content before loading cells 0.00
How would you use .updateValue() to add a sub-dictionary to a UserD... -0.03
Detect Language of a String +0.22
How do Storyboards Push Nested Navigation Controllers? +0.21
How to expand textfield to full width when clicking to segment? 0.00
How to encode struct in Swift using Encodable that contains an alre... -1.14
How to transfer the data from a right button on Navigation Bar to a... -0.03
How to set image to button in SwiftUI? 0.00
What is the system font of iOS13? -0.02
Swift 5 (Xcode 11 Betas 5 & 6) - How to write to a JSON file? -1.17
Sort an Array of dictionaries with date key -0.24
CGSize Coding/Decoding 0.00
Problem with NOT operator in Swift clauses 0.00
Sub enumeration rawValue -0.63
How can i make unit test cases of Login screen in iOS swift -1.09
Rooting from the Appdelegate to Viewcontrollers 0.00
How to find minimal non zero INT in an array in swift 5.0? -0.51
How to encode protocol property default implementation to dictionary -0.73
i set it , but it doesn't confirm UITableViewDataSource +2.16
best practices for navigation controller +2.47
How can I match Custom View's frame with TableViewCell frame pr... -0.55
How is this hierarchy supposed to function? +0.47
How to format mobile number with Persian numerals in Swift? -1.44
Why are certain variables turning up nil? +0.05
What does "fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrappin... -0.54
Swift: Creating array of objects with generic type parameter -0.58
Change background color of UIView on tap using tap gesture (iOS) 0.00
_lock' is inaccessible due to 'private' protection level 0.00
Swift: What is the difference between casting using as / as? / as!... +1.67
Calling awakeFromNib() in prepareForInterfaceBuilder() 0.00
Unable to move alertController to UIViewController extension, if it... +1.05
using functions in swift +0.48
Is possible, in MapKit, disable only zoom in? -0.53
How to apply whitespaces in pound signed string in Swift? 0.00
Will deinit gets called when a view controller gets disappeared? 0.00