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Rating Stats for

Edgar Rokjān

1622.51 (1,002nd)
15,208 (9,230th)
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Title Δ
Why do std::forward_list::remove and std::erase<std::forward_lis... -0.37
templated using VS public inheritance +0.32
Should I destroy STL containers in my class's destructor, when... +0.68
C++ - Why is std::function<some_type_t, void> invalid? +1.34
C++ object creation and destruction 0.00
Possible bug on delete[] for all g++ versions or not defined behavi... +1.42
lower_bound() giving wrong result +1.41
Equals returning false in c++ +0.86
Syntax of an un-named function pointer in C++ -1.93
How to use BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT with an OR condition 0.00
Why does the template instantion depth exceed the limit in this case? -1.28
c++ how to take the address of the template function instance? +0.38
How to make std::function<void(Arg)> compile, when typename A... 0.00
Operator functions for built-in types 0.00
Construct an 'is_template_instantiable' type trait in C++ 0.00
How to use iterator as parameters method? -0.67
Figuring out the time complexity -0.67
C++ error about map and iterator 0.00
std::vector initialization in another function +2.76
function template deduction using raw pointer as argument 0.00
C++: Using function overloading with implicit conversion between ch... +2.00
Why does this if statement get evaluated true? +0.34
Lambda captures don't seem to work 0.00
Why is auto not allowed in lambda parameter? 0.00
std::is_same not working with bool 0.00
How to use alias names for variables? 0.00
Lambda`s internal this in c++ 0.00
Address of returned instance variable vs returning address of insta... -0.36
Auto and reference -0.16
Bizarre error on address of class with templated member 0.00
Understanding type deduction with decltype 0.00
Is the address of a std::optional's value stable? 0.00
How are the two typecasts different? 0.00
Iterator for a custom unbound array 0.00
Switch case doesn't call the functions inside them +0.35
const char array template vs char const* function overload 0.00
How is the hashcode of std::unordered_map calculated? -0.16
error: passing ‘const sdf’ as ‘this’ argument discards qualifiers [... 0.00
Is there a difference between `__attribute__((some_attribute))` and... +1.31
erase an element in vector by the iterator invalid, but it DOESN... 0.00
Function args declared as consts became non constant with definition +1.97
T pointer default value +1.94
Binding callback to a templated object 0.00
Printing function pointer passed as a parameter results in '1&#... +1.77
C++ operator oveload 0.00
Incrementing an iterator to point to the next element of another it... -2.41
How to pass an array of vectors by reference? +0.78
Understanding a Comparator functor for STL +0.55
Constructor list initialization of an empty vector 0.00
Shared pointers: why no double free? +0.39