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1384.43 (4,409,247th)
20,416 (6,619th)
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Title Δ
Using python to parse a large set of filenames concatenated from in... 0.00
Python - Ask the user for two numbers and draw a number triangle +0.15
Python - making a shape with two lines and three asterisks in the m... -0.14
Python Help needed : Unable to read contents of a tsv file and popu... 0.00
How can to reformat the following tuples? +0.07
Replace one item in a string with one item from a list -0.38
Formatting loop for strings -1.05
Regular Expression that matches a number with commas for every thre... +0.17
Multiple boolean tests in IF statement with 'all()' function 0.00
superfast regexmatch in large text file +0.07
Im trying to create an image while using a list full of RGB values -1.20
Finding separators/delimiters in lists of strings +1.51
Extract values from within strings in a list - python -0.78
How to append item to a list in another file and save that file wit... +0.69
How to use the values assigned to variables during string formatting? -0.77
Cycle through a string using a for loop +2.35
Match adjacent list elements with a list of tuples in Python -0.27
Python - Regular Expression replace all non alpha-numerics EXCEPT p... +0.55
Variables as hash values in Python +0.68
Sorting a file based on Ist column and simultaneously modifing the... -0.34
Previous group match in Python regex +0.30
Regular expression to match an empty string? -0.06
how to cut a serial numbers into intervals in python code? +0.66
Slice according to an irregular pattern +0.13
Group regex in python -0.54
Creating new lines with full stops (period) in text files +0.14
Having problems in extracting duplicates +0.12
How to display a list vertically? -0.43
Convert list of numbers into two arrays in Python -0.02
How to workaround pickle's restrictions without global variables? +0.17
missing values writing a csv file with python +0.16
Python: How to read in file once but not exhaust iterator in nested... 0.00
Regex to not match group of characters 0.00
Copying text changing some variables +0.28
How do I write data from python lists with various lengths of tuple... +0.32
Most elegant way to format multi-line strings in Python -0.10
List ordering in Python. Very simple -0.38
How to clean up regular expression -0.67
is it possible to convert this loop into a list comprehension in py... -0.97
python error when added a function to a class -0.21
Link to class method in python docstring -0.34
Return only the final result in python re.findall command +1.63
getting assigned variables when exception is raised, python excepti... +0.31
Python: Converting value of constant to name of constant -0.38
How to make classes in a loop have the same attribute -0.89
change multiple lines in file python using regex +0.38
how to write a Python program that reads from a text file, and buil... -0.44
Format number number with specific mask regex python -0.88
Accessing function attribute created in a decorator outside that de... +0.14
Difference between methods and functions -0.05