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1625.87 (931st)
361,476 (85th)
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Title Δ
Count Data by Loop Calendar SQL/Oracle +1.42
Nested Sets - Bottom Up Approach 0.00
Does SQL Server deferred name resolution work for functions? -0.32
How to SELECT TOP (@x) or simply "all" rows in SQL Server... 0.00
Can MySQL use Indexes when there is OR between conditions? -0.96
Insert statement after CTE expression +1.44
Group by a string with delimiter +0.34
SQL Query SUM for each date from first date -2.52
Postgres Window function 0.00
Find latest matching item in another table 0.00
MYSQL date compare query 0.00
MySQL 5.6 isn't knowledgeable of LOAD DATA (for importing csv f... -1.90
Using Case When in the Where Clause in Oracle -2.60
PostgreSQL "IF" issue +0.32
SQL Group by Week Date -2.42
How to export result of sql statement with psql as compressed file? 0.00
MySQL Date Difference Query +1.57
Count with subquery, group_by and Left join -2.47
Is an SQL query more "expensive" in terms of memory if th... -2.21
How to delete millions of records from a mysql table without slowdown +1.26
postgresql nextval() 0.00
how to delete 2 rows with one query with mysql 0.00
How do I get the unique maxium or greatest (version ID) value to ea... -0.26
PostgreSQL: Finding the total line total for each product that was... 0.00
Calculating Time difference from multiple value in SQL Server +0.32
How do I select items from a list where no part of an attribute is... -0.99
How I can group the results by day in this query with SQL Server? +0.32
Flattening JSONB array in postgres 0.00
PostgreSQL calculate threshold query -1.10
How to search date column via index, not via filter? 0.00
Get value of SQL Var conformed on varchar text 0.00
Get all dates between 2 dates in SQL Server stored procedure -0.69
MySql - Exclude default date from max inside case 0.00
How to get each subfield SUM from json field 0.00
Is variable_conflict use_variable not working with ON CONFLICT clau... 0.00
MySQL Query Performance (InnoDB) 0.00
SQL Server CTE to find path from one ID to another ID +0.31
Doing Counts based on timestamps -2.52
SOLVED - SQL Join tables that have both a one to one and one to man... -0.68
MySQL query from different tables with same city -0.65
Selecting rows with MAX(Column value), DISTINCT by another column i... 0.00
How to do conditional aggregation in postgres? 0.00
Warning: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result -2.77
SQL Server Order By for reporting SCD +1.32
COUNT and percentage two value in MySQL -0.20
select from multiple child tables in sql -0.68
T-SQL can I use an alias to avoid find and replace throughout a Query 0.00
Error 1215 in MySQL when adding foreign keys 0.00
How to find unpaired rows in TSQL? -2.33
Difference between MySQL's LIMIT and Teradata's TOP when co... +1.55