An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1514.26 (46,327th)
1,033 (149,514th)
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Title Δ
Using libtins to recreate IP packet change its header 0.00
How to establish trailing return type of lambda function that use t... 0.00
How to thread-safe function that adds elements to array? 0.00
In a template function, How do I use std::underlying_type just if t... 0.00
How can I make pair using vector in c++? 0.00
The cin.getline() should not accept space if user inputs? -0.52
Is std::map insert thread safe? -0.11
How does this list-like initialization work? -0.84
Concatenation of std::string and int leads to a shift. Why? -0.57
How to find a sequence of letter in a given string? +0.73
Non-static class function pointer 0.00
Is there a way to ensure two arguments passed to a function are tre... +0.08
Custom container traversal with range-based for loop -2.04
Sorting of STL map in c++ based on value -0.27
Is there a way to combine two variables? +1.56
Checking presence of an element in a list using 2 params and a lamb... +0.38
Pass by l-value reference vs pass by value in constructor 0.00
What do curly braces after a struct variable member mean? -0.69
Merge multiple evensized vectors -1.75
Not using constexpr in c++ template arguments 0.00
How to sort vector of const char* vectors -1.57
Return the digit with the most occurrence in a line of digits that... -1.10
Variable-sized object may not be initialized problem in array -0.55
How to move object from a function return correctly? -0.87
Check for function existance on other type using C++ concepts +2.22
class template SFINAE +0.26
Template specialization of variable template and type deduction 0.00
std::function incomplete type on const function -1.28
How to print the content of a nested std::unordered_map? +1.90
How to invoke c_str() for std::string variadic template parameters? -0.07
Calculate Number of Elements that Belong in both Vectors in C++ +1.06
Wrong output when printing elements of a vector of vectors in C++ 0.00
How to assign pointer to pointer? 0.00
Create constrexpr function with macro behaviour 0.00
Is it possible that make_shared has no any exception but returns a... 0.00
How could I assign values to c++ vector +1.37
How do I create different number of threads in c++? 0.00
Declaration and definition mismatch +2.25
Expected time complexity of O(n^2), but it results in O(n). Can som... +0.47
Initialise C++ base class without typing whole base class type twice 0.00
Why is the output of fixed width unsigned integer negative while un... -1.96
Can't make operator<< in iterator class inside another cl... +0.47
Multiple std::variant visit with variadic templated helper +1.89
Erasing vector elements while in a range-based loop vs. standard loop +3.18
How to initialize whole array with -1 without loop +0.55
overloading operator << c++, I am trying to cout the element... -0.16
Callable being required to be static in C++ class template +2.08
Passing object of a Templated struct to a member function of anothe... 0.00
Cannot iterate map through auto in C++ 0.00
how to return vector pointer value that is constructed in a function -0.54