An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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bobble bubble

1592.25 (2,179th)
6,396 (25,354th)
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Title Δ
Unexpected question mark when trying to regex replace +0.37
Splitting when meeting another alphabet 0.00
Regex to match a string like ababba etc +0.38
Remove text outside of [] {} () bracket +0.14
JScript Regex - extract dates preceded by substrings +2.26
Regex pattern recursively - in python +0.42
PHP preg_match function not working as expected 0.00
Regex to remove leading zeros in R, unless the final (or only) char... +0.63
Negating a complex regex containing three parts +1.99
PHP Regex for similarity check +1.30
Regex, Replace brackets between two substrings +1.11
How to build a regular expression in Javascript that matches 1,234.... -0.31
Regex to find where space is missing between number and word +2.77
How do I use the regex crate to match an entire INI section? +1.99
Regex positive lookahead not matching as expected +0.26
Php how to replace string range dynamically with preg_replace? +0.41
regex: how to replace all occurrences of a string within another st... -0.54
A Regex to remove digits except for words starting with # +0.87
Java regex, replace certain characters except +0.10
How to split string using regex in python? +0.92
Regexp finding substring with conditions +2.16
identify version from a string using php regex 0.00
RegEx Grouping after keyword +1.58
The origin of lookahead and lookbehind 0.00
Create a regex to replace the last occurrence of a character in a s... -1.18
HTML input only accept 0-9(Number in English) and ০-৯ (Number in Be... -0.05
Find an alternating (letter or number) + letter pattern in a file n... 0.00
Regex - any printable character except 1-9 or a-zA-Z +0.57
Extracting only alphanum and hyphen problem with exclamation 0.00
Repeating pattern using regex in C# +0.29
Regex of binary strings that have at least one 1 and an even number... +1.28
Parsing only first regex match in a line with several matches +2.77
Split a string on a capital letter or numbers +0.94
How to validate Nepali or Hindi word in HTML input form +0.40
php preg_match to get all js files url from body content 0.00
Match any character (including whitespace) until the LAST bunch of... 0.00
Using REGEX to remove duplicates when entire line is not a duplicate 0.00
Regex: Match strings between two keywords mixed with useless data a... +0.41
removing all non-printing characters by regex -1.20
How to reject all zeros in any format regex 0.00
Regex to grab the first and last digit that are equal to each other... 0.00
Regex for matches 0 and 1 where consecutive 1s must be odd? 0.00
find the word and highlight that with str_replace +1.68
Replace last word with asterisk, or last two words -0.49
Remove non-numeric characters within parantheses +1.00
RegEx for 4 characters and 7 numbers. No special characters -0.86
Regex: find string between curly brackets, which itself contains cu... +1.99
Match star * character at end of word boundary \b 0.00
Getting data between single and double quotes (special case) +1.31
Regular expression for accept only 1 occurrence of "space"... -2.36