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Yogesh Sharma

1561.94 (5,239th)
35,819 (3,195th)
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Title Δ
How do I make SUM() to only sum the passengers selected by the MIN()? 0.00
How to check if category has grand parent or Category has grand chi... -0.22
How to return a null column using NOT IN () in SQL +1.10
Find the most recently updated rows according to a multi-column gro... +0.40
Running Balance per Account Number +0.42
Time difference query using MS SQL -0.16
How to combine two fields and flag them accordingly 0.00
How to get these rows from many to many table, which contains 0 in... -1.63
SQL query to find duplicate records and discount from COUNT -1.33
Stop Printing double values SQL 0.00
How do you pivot some columns into rows using sql or t-sql -0.45
Multiple rows to one comma-separated value in sql -2.02
Supply a default value for an incomplete SQL join +2.01
How to find latest 2 result with specific alpabet but with same ID +0.35
How to ignore first value and first comma in comma separated string... -0.03
how to insert into in 2 table? -0.35
Trying to update where clause to only apply to a certain value 0.00
How to print all Mondays in a month of may-2020 +1.52
Postgresql PIVOT -1.03
Using Substring and Convert Datetime Sql Server 2017 -0.00
Mysql query to with multiple entires with status +1.18
Insert boolean column with maxmum value in SQL 0.00
Joining two tables and set as 0 or nil if the another table id is n... 0.00
partition by 3 column and found max +2.42
sum for each customers and create a summary table +2.00
SQL Server returns "Cannot perform an aggregate function on an... -0.59
How to find frequency in SQL +1.59
T-SQL Extract Numbers from a string and everything in between +0.39
Set prefix in SQL CASE expression +2.02
How to return the name with maximum score in sql (Oracle 11g)? -2.08
How to replace characters at certain positions in SQL -1.94
the max value Less than -2.04
Creating view in SQL Server with GROUP BY -2.06
Reinversing permutation in a table in SQL server +1.40
How to find and populate the ID wise, last closed date from the &qu... 0.00
When select from insert into returns no values do something different -1.15
Split string after last number 0.00
How to write an SQL aggregate function/query +1.05
Get the last non null value? -0.92
SQL query for finding record with certain values that has different... -0.12
sql query for grouping column into row +0.38
Need Combined SQL Query to Update 2 Tables +0.48
SQL max function returning NULL value -1.25
Query to get grandparents and grandkids 0.00
i cant update to datetime table -1.91
Need column values to be dispersed among multiple columns -0.03
lead function in sql not working as expected 0.00
Count the average issue sql +0.23
Modify timestamp and select current date 0.00