An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Mehmet AtaƟ

1528.82 (19,600th)
7,225 (22,150th)
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Title Δ
Bash fail completely if any subshell fails 0.00
Using FILO with nested collections -1.45
Java: Is it possible to always execute a certain function before ot... +0.63
Design Pattern for Data Structure with Methods to Populate It? +1.58
c# Func<T1,T2,TResult> -0.04
A simple wait() & notify() example - doesn't work -1.05
Getting class attributes length -0.57
Chrome drag drop file/folder not working 0.00
Implementing visitor Pattern in C# +1.26
Abstract Factory Design Pattern use +1.17
Difference between an entity and an aggregate in domain driven design +1.59
Design pattern for create specific view elements 0.00
Working with multiple classes -1.22
C# PropertyInfo GetValue() returns "Object does not match targ... 0.00
Instantiating a generic type from a different class 0.00
Derived class instantiation in abstract base class in C# +0.46
Generic baseclass with generic interface 0.00
Base method hiding in C# and Java -0.54
c# return this for generic return type method +0.09
Execute method on persisted assembly from dynamic assembly 0.00
Use the foreach for properties of class +1.12
Generic interface parameters in a generic interface -1.36
Casting object to specified class best practice +0.06
Getting the name of generic parameter types +0.56
C# Inheriting polymorphic types -0.22
Factory of classes implementing interfaces with generic types in C#? +2.93
Cannot create a generic array of OuterClass<T>.InnerClass -1.01
What's the difference between ptr[i] and *(ptr + i)? -0.98
with enum retrieve const value from class c# -1.87
Is List.Contains fully comparison-wise equivalent to List.IndexOf? +3.02
What is the meaning of the planned "private protected" C#... -1.58
Create object generics class -1.66
Android app unknown new Localizations 0.00
How can I create a subclass that inherit Ellipse class -1.07
HOW to Sign data in C# in wp8 0.00
Best Linq Syntax for Adding Objects of a class to a List of a Base... +2.15
How to read IMediaSample 24 bit PCM data -2.32
Libgdx getting Image from facebook at runtime -0.04
Order and Export not working 0.00
Why is this one line of code different than the two above it? +1.22
Aggregate function Count() using dynamic linq query -0.05
Any chance may C#/JIT compiler remove the lines which contain assig... -0.23
C# Code explanation +1.51
All the values present are not getting added to the dictionary in c# -2.37
Restricting rijndaelmanaged algorithm key size? +2.18
Using an HTML link to logout and abandon the session -0.09
From List<string> to Dictionary<string,string> +1.45
Singleton Pattern in java -0.77
Is it possible to create a List using anonymous types on both sides... -0.05
Why instance variable's value are changed as per function values -2.16