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1611.33 (1,333rd)
42,476 (2,554th)
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Title Δ
Math.Log(125,5) does not return 3 in C# 0.00
How does the expression "x & (x + (1 << n))" wo... 0.00
Is there an intrinsic function to zero out the last n bytes of a __... 0.00
Check if number is divisible by a power of two 0.00
How can you get gcc to fully vectorize this sqrt loop? 0.00
A* Pathfinding problems Processing(Java) 0.00
accelerating a Gaussian blur of floats with NEON intrinsics 0.00
Can this code be further optimized so that I do not get Time Limit... 0.00
Moving the first value of an array arg into xmm0 0.00
Why the function is failing in case of numbers greater than 48 digi... 0.00
How can i use the register debug window in visual studio 0.00
How to convert integer or float to S16.16 fixed point format 0.00
All combinations of a binary number where only certain bits can cha... 0.00
How do I inverse this bitwise operation? 0.00
Reversing Bitwise Operator Left Shift 0.00
Executing TI BASIC from a String 0.00
Generating list of integers with given number of bit set and sum of... 0.00
can we move content from smaller register to larger register 0.00
What is the netCore SSE2 counterpart of _mm_set1_epi32 0.00
count no. of set bits of each number in a range and then sum it up -0.68
What is the fastest way to swap the bytes of an unaligned 64 bit va... 0.00
bit twiddling : checking non-negative integers as difference of pow... -0.30
How to find the exponent of 2 in an integer in Java? +0.66
Coincidence of bitwise and and bitwise or operators? -1.19
prime numbers algo -1.22
What exactly happens when I use the return value of a void function... -0.24
MIPS Pipeline Stalls: SW after LW 0.00
UVA 369-Combinations | Modular Arithmetic | Binary Exponentiation 0.00
2x2 Matrix vector product in C# with SIMD 0.00
How is XOR applied when determining carry? 0.00
C# Decimal Precision Improvement in Powers and Fibonacci -0.68
Is int() less accurate when flooring with larger numbers than //? +0.34
numpy: raising a matrix to a power produces strange result 0.00
Where does neg store the reversed number? +0.34
How to find the product of all the possible subarrays in an array i... 0.00
Is there a non-iterative method of toggling groups of bits on and o... 0.00
How do I prime factorize large numbers? +0.84
javascript sharedArrayBuffer and bitwise operations returning a 32b... 0.00
bit wise counter on a single byte javascript 0.00
Can anyone simplify this bitwise expression 0.00
u-law compression returns invalid file c++ 0.00
Dijkstra vs A* resulting path -0.16
How is this faster? 52-bit modulo multiply using "FPU trick&qu... 0.00
Efficient endianness reversal for arbitrary number of bits 0.00
Why am I getting a System.ArithmeticException with C#'s Nuget B... 0.00
Most efficent way to calculate CRC64 with reflected input +1.11
_mm_xor_pd fails with product = 0 +1.52
Convert raster byte[] image data to column Format in C# 0.00
c# multiplying array elements using system.numerics 0.00
Assembly language guessing game. My code kept looping even though t... 0.00