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1621.23 (1,071st)
42,476 (2,554th)
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Title Δ
The two's complement of the most negative number 0.00
What is the most elegant way to find 16-bit numbers which satisfy s... +1.19
Is it correct to interpolate homogenous 4D coordinates? -0.42
Is there something faster than a min heap for my use case? 0.00
How to invert shifting and addition 0.00
Better way to store or extract scalar int result using SSE2 intrinsic 0.00
Why is the sum of bitwise AND and bitwise XOR equal to bitwise OR? +0.33
Transform random integers into range [min,max] without branching +1.13
How to enable or use auto vectorization along with auto paralleliza... 0.00
First number that divides all numbers (1,2,...,100) +1.25
Empty if-block not optimized away? 0.00
Why is Heap sort efficient? 0.00
Shift byte value into int 0.00
Why is XOR much faster than OR? 0.00
Javascript - How can I optimize my sudoku? -0.16
Does it cost significant resources for a modern CPU to keep flags u... 0.00
System.Numerics.Vector<T> Initialization Performance on .NET... 0.00
calculate percent change of two uint32 numbers in c# +0.32
Portable and Tight Bit Packing +0.33
How do I optimize this piece of C# code so that it doesn't take... +0.64
How to shift bits to left and right in BitSet JAVA? 0.00
How do you do signed 32bit widening multiplication on SSE2? +0.33
Need help understanding this line in an FFT algorithm 0.00
Unsetting the lowest set bit in asm 0.00
Bitmap image generation with C: first row of pixels corrupted 0.00
Quickest way to check for (different) set bits in more integers -0.15
Math.Log(125,5) does not return 3 in C# 0.00
How does the expression "x & (x + (1 << n))" wo... 0.00
Is there an intrinsic function to zero out the last n bytes of a __... +2.33
Check if number is divisible by a power of two +0.53
How can you get gcc to fully vectorize this sqrt loop? +2.25
A* Pathfinding problems Processing(Java) 0.00
accelerating a Gaussian blur of floats with NEON intrinsics 0.00
Can this code be further optimized so that I do not get Time Limit... 0.00
Moving the first value of an array arg into xmm0 0.00
Why the function is failing in case of numbers greater than 48 digi... 0.00
How can i use the register debug window in visual studio 0.00
How to convert integer or float to S16.16 fixed point format 0.00
All combinations of a binary number where only certain bits can cha... 0.00
How do I inverse this bitwise operation? 0.00
Reversing Bitwise Operator Left Shift 0.00
Executing TI BASIC from a String 0.00
Generating list of integers with given number of bit set and sum of... 0.00
can we move content from smaller register to larger register 0.00
What is the netCore SSE2 counterpart of _mm_set1_epi32 0.00
count no. of set bits of each number in a range and then sum it up -0.68
What is the fastest way to swap the bytes of an unaligned 64 bit va... 0.00
bit twiddling : checking non-negative integers as difference of pow... -0.30
How to find the exponent of 2 in an integer in Java? +0.66
Coincidence of bitwise and and bitwise or operators? -1.19