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1353.31 (4,177,646th)
113 (351,431st)
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Title Δ
Could anybody explain this bit operations? -0.96
Is it okay NOT to initialize a local variable in C, if I do not use... +0.02
How to read an "uneven" matrix from a file, and store int... -0.34
'toupper' and 'tolower' have no effect on char arra... +0.67
How to fix "error: expected primary -expression before ')&... -0.93
How to find the last word in a string +0.73
java function to check if the sum is even or odd, why does my code... -0.31
why did the 0 delete it the other part of the string? -0.30
Trying to return the char in the middle of an input (char array) gi... -0.47
Calling a boolean function but getting error "no matching func... -0.31
Arduino Continue with for-loop only when button is pressed -0.92
Java: How to set an array with another array? +1.38
Is it possible to put a character ( * ) in the 2 D array declared a... 0.00
How can a linked list node be defined "recursively"? -0.35
How to create a negative binary number using signed/unsigned in C? -0.45
Trying to figure out how to output a phone number in c? -0.32
how does recursion retain value even after some cycle -0.49
How to Determine if an Int is 16 Bits -1.14
How Does Compiler know addition , subtraction operators while compi... 0.00
While loop increment and decrement -0.20
Printing out a tower of numbers -0.37
How do I store the values entered into a for loop by a user? +0.84
How to put a string into an array -0.74
adding a digit at the end of a number, (not summing) in C++ -0.28
What is the scope of a for loop without braces in C++ -0.95
Stop the recursive function when it reaches high depth in c -0.58
Printing char array in C +0.44
Java programming: How do I make this for loop program that accepts... +0.57
Is it possible to create if statement dynamically based on JSON in... +1.13
What does '#!/bin/sh -xe' mean? -0.33
Reading doubles from 2 text files 0.00
Linux: find file names with 4 or 5 characters +1.95
ubuntu bash script not running -0.26
How to exit a while loop with a boolean (C++) -0.56
I want to schedule a job on unix cron , 9 AM - 5 PM on weekdays and... 0.00
Manipulate date in UNIX -0.66
Function to initialize two dimensional array -0.87
SQL Server table first name last name 0.00
#define in C, legal character -0.48
Why the linux kernel uses double logical negations instead of casts... -0.58
In C++, 'Node' is a class, 'node' is the instance o... -0.78
i tried to define string end function in K&R excercises -0.80
What is the function of std::cout ? Is it similar to simple cout? 0.00
C program output not formatting properly(using \t) -1.08
c++ why array doesn't have length attribute -0.60
Segmentation Fault error using fgets function in c -0.53
How do I create a 2d array in C++ that contains the counter of the... -0.96
merge each letter in string (orderly) into a new string +0.54
Better way to check for empty function args -0.32
Use of stringstream in a loop -0.93