An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1342.28 (4,409,294th)
2,184 (76,688th)
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Title Δ
Converting a C string to a Pascal-style string 0.00
Check if number is divisible by a power of two 0.00
Which one is a better approach if any? 0.00
How can I add multiple numbers to a variable 0.00
Is this fastes way to check if IP (string) belongs to CIDR (string)? 0.00
Recursion in BASH 0.00
How to interpret at() function; substr() function; occurs() functio... 0.00
How to go back to command line 0.00
g++ permission denied(Mac) 0.00
output stream in C++ 0.00
Function is not returning anything in C 0.00
optimizing C code with imbedded for loops 0.00
Multiplying using recursive function C++ 0.00
rm -r option for a long directory of nested directories 0.00
How to clear multiple bits at once in C? 0.00
Magick++.h header not found 0.00
Query regarding the default return type of a function in c++ 0.00
Use of & operator in C++ Range Based Loop ..Confusing 0.00
Why do some people define objects as pointers? 0.00
Why aren't both of these simple loops infinite? 0.00
string not outputting the data 0.00
Running a C program with an unknown amount of arguments 0.00
Passing class into class +0.21
C++ outputs strange characters instead of numbers (Windows) +0.07
How to read a TXT file and store only int in C 0.00
Need of :: to specify class for functions but not variables? -0.45
C++ always returns -inf when calculating cosine 0.00
I made my own custom stack and want to know how is there a way to i... +1.66
How to check the type of a variable from a file with ifstream? -0.98
How to use pow() in while loop? -0.54
Is there a way I can make a function a parameter? -0.65
Performance vs Readability: Local copies in functions -0.38
How to display number of items in a folder - Bash -0.26
Trying to fix a string function that takes a string and change it b... +0.34
Why is the copy assignment method not been called? +0.20
What is better to use just one method with switch or 4 different me... -0.26
Allocating and constructing an object 0.00
How can I create an instance of a struct, that will not be deleted... -0.27
I run sudo g++ main.cpp, but it doesn't run the program -0.29
Remove the newline from asctime() -0.00
Programming Principles and Practices compiler error 0.00
Can anyone explain me what is going on here in this bash script? -1.24
How can a C program poll for user input while simultaneously perfor... -0.45
Why is the input stream not recognizing Ctrl D and gives an infinit... +0.24
How to fix 'No match for operator[]' error (c++) -0.16
How to change a word of a particular line in a text? 0.00
Fastest way to duplicate bits of an integer -0.36
Can not compile c++ program with libcurl library 0.00
C++ Encrypt variables in memory -0.54
Adding up Integer Values within a String +0.92