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1482.92 (4,358,082nd)
9,286 (16,563rd)
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Title Δ
Obtaining the split value after java string split -0.03
Finding contiguos subarray of equal sum +1.41
Is there any method of making local 'defonce'? (Clojure) -1.40
How to fix this Run time error? +0.18
Does copy field requires data re-upload 0.00
Data structure that allows fast access to substrings within structu... 0.00
Where to download hudson library? -0.47
What is the difference between def and defonce in Clojure? +0.54
When will I need to use binary search instead of linear search? +0.51
How to get a string after the nth "-" (dash) in java? +1.22
Java join 2 not contains in one expression +0.36
Mapping in Clojure +1.31
Safe Multi-threaded Counters Management in Clojure +2.35
Clojure: How to prevent a process from running forever? 0.00
consumable item design in RPG game java 0.00
Regex To Split String Into Sentences +1.16
Why implement interfaces 'A' and 'B', when 'B&#... -0.87
Map with repeated argument clojure +0.52
Make all possible sequences from n-gram set 0.00
Building a nested vector in Clojure -1.52
Block Diagonal Matrix in Clojure +2.57
Clojure - pairs from nested lists +0.52
When to use exclamation mark in clojure (or lisp)? 0.00
How to take a sub string of a string in java depending on both char... -0.06
How to get an required String using String Tokenizer +2.07
Java 8: Collect successive pairs from a stream +0.82
How to find the number of sequences of zeros and ones without "... +0.03
How to convert a string to a java list? -0.78
Iterate all possible variants of a sequence +0.87
What is the BigO complexity of intersection for TreeSet algorithm? 0.00
Iterate help in Clojure 0.00
Reading variable width tokens from scanner in Java? 0.00
java BigDecimal round up/down automatically +0.12
clojure: remove case-insensitive string duplicates -0.18
Change from CharSequence to String for Set<CharSequence> &... -0.75
Is this correct modelling approach? Class diagram example 0.00
Check if last getter in method chain is not null +2.37
How can I improve this method that removes duplicates from an Array... -1.56
String to Integer Mapping +0.02
How do I specify a range of numbers as value in my spring bean conf... 0.00
Java Observer Pattern finding sender? -0.37
Obtaining array element differences in Java -1.14
Is there a method that parses int or returns 0 if unable to do so? -0.64
Is my write text to file wrong? +0.33
Counting how many elements in a sorted list, that are larger than a... -0.22
Clojure: What is wrong with my implementation of flatten? -0.20
Copy array without redundancy -0.52
Am I using parse right? +1.12
unable to complete the circle of a pie chart +1.53
Longest subarray whose elements form a continuous sequence +1.05