An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1659.20 (434th)
34,660 (3,359th)
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Title Δ
Filter on original stream if previous filter resulted in an empty s... 0.00
Improvement with list stream HashMap 0.00
Iterate through a List of Map of Objects and get the length of an i... 0.00
How to filter a List with two object of different class and with co... 0.00
The operator + is undefined for the argument type(s) char[], int 0.00
Spring Boot - throw exception or indicate item is not found 0.00
List of unique polymorphic objects 0.00
How to iterate over several lists of objects and get summary of obj... 0.00
Remove entries from Map after comparing keys from a Set 0.00
Get index that contains ".txt" in the list without using... 0.00
String blank (empty or null) check : if structure vs java 8 optiona... 0.00
How to merge two unmodifiable Sets in Java? 0.00
How transform a list of objects to a list of strings based on the v... 0.00
How to properly format LocalTime to HH:MM? 0.00
How to use DateTimeFormatter to get time only? 0.00
java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString 0.00
Remove object from a HashMap that use List as values +1.10
Extract query value from URL 0.00
How to apply sorting and limiting after groupby using Java streams +0.97
Remove all instances of an item in a list if it appears more than o... +1.09
In Java why is LocalDateTime not displaying time according to local... +0.11
Java8: Create list of object using enum value +1.20
Convert List of enum into array +0.29
Convert a list of strings of lists to a list of integers 0.00
Java Stream Api - merge two lists of objects 0.00
BigDecimal min() method with one operand null +1.79
How to return an json object when request is OK, and a json error o... -3.16
Convert two digit year to four digits and also support one or two d... +0.99
Assert value with assertJ in Optional +0.34
How do I covert this ternary statement to an if else statement? (Ja... -0.19
For-loop with parameter Collection<?> 0.00
FirebaseApp in maven 0.00
removes leading zeroes, but leaves one necessary From String in Java 0.00
How to sum up similar values of Map together 0.00
Installing JDBC on java 11 0.00
How to auto generate Getter() below the variable in IntelliJ IDEA? 0.00
DateTimeFormatter exception parsing its own print result 0.00
Concatenating repeating String n times to themself basing on value... 0.00
Parse Date using DateTimeFormatter with extra chars 0.00
How can I write an if block using lambda? 0.00
How to iterate array of nested map, then aggregate values of a spec... 0.00
Splitting a Collection into multipe collections grouped in a map us... 0.00
Check if null attribute present in Optional and return String Java... +1.40
Java 8 stream group by with multiple aggregation 0.00
how to convert a String date value of pattern dd-MMM-yy to Date obj... +0.64
Getting query by date - ERROR: operator does not exist: timestamp w... 0.00
Cannot debug in Intellij, another tab pops up 0.00
Get yesterday's starting date and time and Today's starting... 0.00
Split string based on parantheses +0.58
How convert String like "["412","122"]&quo... +0.30