An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1483.98 (4,477,793rd)
4,489 (37,134th)
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Title Δ
Timeformat from an string variable +0.01
Running Apache DefaultHttpClient and redeploying web app in Tomcat... +0.02
How make method in GUI running in background 0.00
Parse XML files with strange syntax 0.00
'.class' expected error when calling a method with an array +2.48
Long file name stops pull from -0.84
Where can I get the Eclipse-GUI code? -0.27
Java - Which database/technologie to use for a huge amount of high... -0.47
How to link a webpage to itself without first knowing its name? +0.02
JSOUP - Extract data directly in a specific format from a page -0.48
how to upload a file using commons file upload streaming api -1.23
Failed project transformation from external jars to maven 0.00
What is wrong in my code logically? -2.02
Java programming standard deviation error in code -0.47
Are there any conventions of extending JUnit4 test classes? -0.47
Client-Server System - Designing Protocols +0.01
Should we unit test console outputs? -0.22
Changing Maven pom.xml <properties> values physically -0.64
How do I unit test UI via console 0.00
Will reassigning a reference to a map while it is being used by ano... 0.00
Eclipse - When I create a JUnit Suite, the list of test classes is... -0.01
Send javamail using Office365 0.00
How to iterate only over specific kind of elements? +0.38
I don't get response from DatagramPacket with Java -0.49
Deploying rest webservices in unlimited gb web host -0.03
Setting Java path on Windows for Ant -2.32
Testing REST service in java +1.38
Regex String.split( ) +2.76
find in ArrayList<String> +0.32
Setting up jdbc in Maven project 0.00
Why is Maven target directory called so? +0.03
Building a scalable xml bridge processing platform 0.00
Whats the best way to handle subdomains in a sitemap? +3.86
How to split a String with multiple delimiters in Java +2.00
ExpectedSystemExit is causing the error -3.97
Cost of moving and hiding/showing google map's div +0.17
Java extracting individual data from an object list +1.76
Determining user's page viewing time by sniffing traffic 0.00
SQLite Drop Table Help (BlackBerry Webworks) 0.00
Can't fadeout when using CSS3 rotate 0.00
A good API to get stock or indexes price for free +4.15
How Can save data in text file using random access file and update... +5.14
How to use Java's regex to split nested mathematical equations +3.98
Java- JTable not showing gridlines 0.00
Eclipse not telling me line of error origin? 0.00
how to package a project mixing with Java and Python 0.00
Java function ending after time has elapsed -3.63
need step-by-step help adding jquery lightbox to my code using drea... 0.00
While loop only running through once... (Java) 0.00
Why does this commit that should do nothing make my integration tes... 0.00