An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1440.75 (4,189,604th)
27,755 (4,672nd)
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Title Δ
Where can I find a Java regular expression for email validation of... 0.00
Extract data between two string with PHP 0.00
Regex - How can I get this pattern <img src="/storage/5/art... 0.00
Format string using regex to remove non space whitespace characters 0.00
How do I delete text between two characters in notepad++ 0.00
Negative Lookbehind in firefox 0.00
Match until the first occurance of a symbol 0.00
How do I find a match which has already been captured by another ma... 0.00
Split string by arithmetic operators 0.00
preg_replace how to remove all numbers except alphanumeric 0.00
Split string with optional substring 0.00
JavaScript regex auto commas with decimals 0.00
RegEx: Add Quantifier to Capturing Group for all results 0.00
How to extract number between two strings? 0.00
RegEx for validating scientific notations 0.00
regex to catch any currency under $300K 0.00
Multi-order splitting inside Perl 0.00
How to order using regular expressions? 0.00
Regex negative lookbehind with quantifiers 0.00
How to find a character in a string which is not matching the regex... 0.00
RegEx for ignoring certain words 0.00
How to optimize a regex for Google Data Studio? 0.00
Python regular expression match multiple words 0.00
VBA Regex - match entire string unless repeating pattern 0.00
Regex help for filtering extension number (phone) out of data 0.00
Regex Consistent Grouping 0.00
How to find double letters and replace them with triple letters? 0.00
Negative lookbehind on a capture group 0.00
Regex for parsing multiple conditions for groups 0.00
Replace each occurrence ending with a specific letter from a string... 0.00
RegEx for finding matches between quotes 0.00
How to parse variable length command line arguments with regex? 0.00
How to extract valid email adresses from raw text? 0.00
RegEx for matching various dates 0.00
RegEx for an autocomplete feature 0.00
RegEx for quantifying and finding a character 0.00
Using regular expression extractor to extract a value? 0.00
Extracting TOP directory from from file path in R 0.00
How to preg_match a PCRE expression? 0.00
How to extract an ID number from a string? 0.00
Regex to match nth occurrence and return subsequent part of string 0.00
RegEx for matching everything except words starting with a plus sign 0.00
Remove a style from an html string 0.00
Count total occurences of elements from string array in a text 0.00
RegEx for capturing dates with specific pattern 0.00
RegExp for limiting 2 decimal point tin Typescript 0.00
RegEx for Positive Lookahead - password rules (contains required nu... 0.00
Regex strictly match two lines with different endings 0.00
RegEx for matching multiple target search 0.00
RegEx for at least an uppercase, a lower case, a number and a speci... 0.00