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1528.17 (19,005th)
27,755 (4,522nd)
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Title Δ
Regex for letter and number combination for password +2.24
Get Line number of Text.RegularExpressions.Regex matches -1.05
Unexpected unterminated subpattern in regex using Python 3 0.00
Regex to extract specific rows containing URLs with Java 0.00
Why "ab(cd|c)*d" matches "abcdcdd" completely b... -0.69
count the occurence of last char X or Y or Z in the word Router 0.00
How do I search for contents of a line in a text file, replace the... -0.03
Determine if a string contains duplicate words +0.65
Matching Double String, how do I only match with 1 result? +2.49
Regex Find any combination of \d and [ -] as long as there is at le... +2.22
Regex - Match 3-digit numbers -0.96
Importing CSV from URL that has line breaks within one of the fields -1.61
I want to check the input string if it is a correct format -1.89
Unique Values in a Comma Separated List / Unique Values in Multiple... -2.08
Simplified regex for 2 digit numbers +0.09
How to put round() inside regular expressions? +1.89
How to use look behind when finding text in Atom? +2.40
Regex to match all lines except duplicate +0.16
How to match a string to regex based on a certain index? -0.05
Correct regex for matching the string with max number value +1.39
RegEx for removing empty lines using lookarounds +1.62
Can someone help me understand what this regex is doing? 0.00
couldn't make regex search match a 10 digit number inside a str... +2.32
How to know if the caret position is in between {} characters in a... -0.57
How do I only extract numbers between 2 specific words using regex +1.19
regex for last name - how to improve efficiency and length and only... -0.41
Python re findall matching repeating pattern -1.07
Seeking help writing REGEX in java +0.15
Prevent html Injections with Javascript/Typescript 0.00
Better Line Removal in Python? -1.41
Why do I get empty response for regexp_matches function while using... -0.59
Replace Multiple Quote Tags with respective html in C# 0.00
Fix regex expression to have character limit +0.51
How can I remove the text between the first and last slash in a str... -1.62
RegEx for matching specific log patterns 0.00
Why does this regex fail to find matching pattern in string? -1.78
Regex containing at-least 3 of the following [0-9], [a-z], [A-Z] or... 0.00
Replace string with multiple reverse patterns in Python +1.02
How can I improve this regex for the last name? 0.00
How can I re-arrange this regex to work with the MM/DD/YYYY format? 0.00
String fraction to numbers +0.47
Regex to find numbers separated by bar +1.23
How do I use regex to return a line but not including the expression? -0.06
Some emojis don't match my Emoji-only regex 0.00
Not fetching correct canonical URL when tag is multiline, How to gr... -2.52
How to get the first digit on the left side of a string with python... +0.14
Extracting multiple occurrences between 2 delimiters in a line -0.53
Trying to search for a string with (.*?) in Python +0.52
I have a string "192.192", why am I not able to match thi... 0.00
Unicode Regular Expression: Compilation failed: range out of order... +1.48