An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Harry Joy

1552.35 (7,111th)
45,632 (2,301st)
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Title Δ
Does a dependency count as a download in npm stats 0.00
How can I debug after certain processing is done-Java +0.93
Variables from the main class to be assigned to variables in the su... -0.61
how to implement Pagination in hibernate, while using Session.creat... 0.00
How to modify font family in JComboBox value? 0.00
How to get the following output? +0.90
Smooth movement of JButton on an action 0.00
Java Tray Icon NPE +1.06
A JtabbedPane within a JtabbedPane 0.00
multipart form data, sending additional data -0.09
Automatically adding users to roster using Smack API 0.00
What type of List i should take to Join (Inner) 2 tables from an an... -0.09
Unable to Cast a String to Integer IN JSP 0.00
How to set different string array of a jcombobox after selection in... 0.00
how to create a group on openfire from coding in android 0.00
Is possible to set an unknown value on a JSlider? +0.43
java code for file creation detection +1.06
GUI based java calculator: Adding window to a container exception +0.43
Can I get the value of a specified tag quickly with SAX parser? -0.06
Is there a XMPP method to get the number of rooms already present o... 0.00
How to make JDialog be the only accessible component? 0.00
How to kill more than one process in linux? +0.03
XMPP presence Subscription 0.00
alternating applying class to tr +0.19
How to hide a jButton Event method in Netbeans +0.09
Make JScrollBar bigger 0.00
How do I make just the image clickable and not the whole div? +0.44
Slide show in Java? +0.30
Is there a way to make a multi-client server app without using mult... +0.43
How to run Java programs by clicking on their icon on Windows? +0.36
JOptionPane degrades application performance? +2.02
Difference between final static and static final -0.93
select distinct value in android sqlite 0.00
Enable/Disable button of a form from another class +0.44
Best way to exclude the if's, which in result calls multiple methods +0.46
How to send POST in liferay portlet? -2.22
Using list get method to get Strings -0.29
Setting the TableModel on an already constructed Table 0.00
Why is my Body returning null? 0.00
Creating crash dumps and stack traces in in Java -0.09
jmeter record and play back -0.41
Display an image in Applet 0.00
Why doesn't StringBuilder have a trim() method? -0.57
getText() of an array of TextView initialized in .xml -0.05
Adding multiple images in single JPanel -1.73
JMenuBar not showing +1.27
Creating all JPanels at program startup vs. creating them only when... +0.41
Android asmack Chat client for XMPP server 0.00
How to create a JTable cell containing Image hyperlink? 0.00
Step to cursor/line eclipse debugger 0.00