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Lightness Races in Orbit

1607.72 (1,435th)
344,564 (91st)
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Title Δ
Can't use overloaded comparison operator with Catch test +2.08
Why can I implicitly convert char* to const char* but not unsigned... +1.63
Dynamic allocated lists - create a function that deletes all the el... 0.00
C++ copy elision of fields -0.58
Vector bitwise and with constant value on GCC 0.00
Perform operation for a collection of instances involving a specifi... -0.27
What are the exact requirements for MyType to allow std::atomic<... 0.00
Is Widget&& rhs an lvalue or an rvalue reference 0.00
How to forward iterator calls to a class's private member? +0.98
ThreadSafe Queue c++ +1.35
Iterating through an array of character strings that also contains... -0.32
May a ref class be stored by value in a managed class? 0.00
g++ 9.2.1 (Linux) causes seg fault but Codeblocks on windows does not 0.00
Why doesn't the read function work in sha1 c++ implementation? +0.36
Why member-of-pointer at operator() doesn't work? -1.54
If I copy a float to another variable, will they be equal? -0.48
Avoid pointer arithmetic, fix clang tidy error +0.08
Print std::vector<char> without extraneous characters 0.00
In C++ how does one multiply an iterator of a vector which contains... +1.75
C++ Polymorphism does not work as it should in Code::Blocks 17.12 0.00
How can I create a trait to give me the larger of two types? 0.00
Setting vector as a general parameter 0.00
c++ connect to mysql/mariadb is very slow 0.00
Why is the address of a function different on each execution? -2.33
Why I am getting access to other class' private members? -0.15
Shorten usage of std::shared_ptr<std::vector<shared_ptr<Va... +1.75
Segmentation fault when accessing a function I previously could acc... 0.00
How to encapulate user function from subclass in C++ 0.00
Collision detection, new Function -0.14
Typedefs with tweaked alignment 0.00
Rewriting a small C-define into "normal" C++ function +1.37
Legitimate to initialize an array in a constexpr constructor? 0.00
Implementing a non-copyable C++ class 0.00
Can multiple threads write the same value to the same variable at t... +1.69
"C.UTF-8" C++ locale on Windows? -1.98
Is there a way to use variable as the key in jsoncpp? 0.00
C++17 post increment operation +0.94
Possible problem of gcc with sleep_for and sleep_until functions 0.00
Calling Derived class function from a Base class pointer after type... +1.92
is there a std::optional_function like the given -2.31
File Append In Such A Way That It Ends Line After Each Save C++ -0.65
Error " undefined reference to `std::ios_base" while link... 0.00
When reading from a binary stream, what does it mean to cast the ad... 0.00
lvalue required as increment operand error when using #define +0.28
P1359R0 [basic.lval] wording change and aliasing rules 0.00
Why does `std::add_pointer`, adds a previously removed `const`? -1.03
int array but the indices are characters? -0.64
Temporary object: Clarification in terminology +1.84
Are there any consequences in using a nullptr as a key for std::uno... -0.72
CPP Visual Studio 2017 "CLR Form"... Label wont take my s... 0.00