An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1496.96 (3,994,353rd)
1,690 (97,794th)
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Title Δ
jQuery toggle value on button click -2.60
How to set null context in call function? +2.54
Inserting html tags between C# block code in cshtml file -0.85
TelerikReport send null as parameter to StoredProcedure 0.00
Header is no longer in the dead center of the container -1.79
What are the new <input> types for form validation in HTML5? 0.00
jQuery : How to addClass to the images on other forms & not on... -0.23
Implementing recursive property loading in EF Core +0.06
How to do Multiple ThenInclude navigation props after One Include +0.04 core deployment not working on server but works on machine +4.11
IIS Express has been stoped using ASP Core 0.00
How to add a CSS style sheet reference to all Web forms in a Visual... -4.00
MVC: Using Mapping to change the model.SomeProperty type used in View 0.00
Caching dropdown options in AngularJS - SPA 0.00
Calculating total-items in AngularJs Pagination (ui.bootstrap) does... -0.32
Unit Test not passed, since not seen any return from api controller 0.00