An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1512.41 (53,783rd)
4,097 (40,764th)
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Title Δ
Enhance Android launcher 3 code 0.00
Plotly.js using two dollar signs in a title (without LaTex) 0.00
Debugging Android Package Manager API +0.11
Build aosp on mac 10.12 +3.90
Volley deliverResponse not being called -4.42
Iterate through two strings, returning the count when characters at... +3.96
Extract data from JSON API using Python +3.77
how can I sort out a missing required positional argument 0.00
Python Regex to Split a line into 4 parts +4.40
Highlighting lines in emacs 0.00
Error with Python dictionary: str object has no attribute append -1.09
Is it a good habit to print the bool value from a function? -3.87
Enable C++11 support on Android 0.00
Android widget vertical scroll for Android 2.3.6 -0.31
Detecting two numbers with same/matching bit pattern in their lower... +4.16
Java lock/concurrency issue when searching array with multiple thre... +2.87
Delete and add elements to vector inside main loop +2.91
How to go from cracked APK to java code? 1-click tool cracked my app +1.07
Do you use nouns for classnames that represent callable objects? -4.12
Android ICS native lockscreen +4.17
How to show an Activity BEFORE my app is uninstalled (Android) -1.29
Crawling all wikipedia pages for phrases in python -2.40
Android ICS : JNI error attempt to use stale local reference 0x1 0.00
How can I retrieve the output of a programmatically invoked Javadoc... 0.00
How to know whether its a tablet or phone in android programmatical... -3.98
Java Switch Statement - Is "or"/"and" possible? -0.12
Run a service when device starts after sd finishes loading -1.74
How to fix Terminal not loading ~/.bashrc on OS X Lion 0.00
Emacs - Can't get Flymake to work with JSHint 0.00
linking error: undefined reference to `vtable for XXX` 0.00
Unable to resolve ANR in android -0.03
Android How To Simulate HTTP Communication for Offline Demo +3.97
Is it possible to get the object reference count? 0.00
Can code be called when my Android application is uninstalled? 0.00
better way to do Debug only assert code +4.28
AOSP Downloading and Moving the android source code -3.82
Can I use assert on Android devices? 0.00
Packaging Android resource files within a distributable Jar file 0.00
Java multiline string 0.00
Where can I browse Android source code on-line? 0.00