An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1556.00 (6,403rd)
38,203 (2,931st)
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Title Δ
Why is h1's "padding: 2em" is equal to 64px? I think... 0.00
How to make layout using css flexbox -0.81
How can I change a row's background colour with nth-child inline? 0.00
table margins in a list -0.10
Display: block not working on images to remove gap 0.00
Html - contact info at the bottom +0.42
Why adding 1px padding adding 10px in height of div +0.41
calibrating the graphical source to the middle point of the page us... +0.43
Image in Verticle Menu not Aligning to Menu Container +0.42
Creating seamless animation with CSS linear gradient +2.54
Wordpress posts in menu and custom classes 0.00
White space between header-main and main-footer +0.42
Footer is not visible in my website HTML/CSS 0.00
CSS menu hovering not working for all items -0.17
CSS pseudo class to display background color -0.25
HTML styling | Changing layout 0.00
Is it possible to code multiple pseudos in one curly bracket in css? -1.73
Make divs which are next to each other take up all vertical space w... +0.43
white space in between div elements 0.00
@media print How to show only child elment within table 0.00
How to embed an if statement into php footer -0.07
Button not centering -0.18
HTML CSS: Fixed Element, Adjust height to TOP +0.42
Picture element has bigger height than the img 0.00
HTML and CSS Table Design Question - Have a div span across multipl... 0.00
Page works on desktop, but the header gets cut off on mobile devices -0.21
Border above/under title offset +0.28
fixed position of a list title, within a container 0.00
CSS rotate text from center center -0.04
How can I center a table with width more than 100%? -0.60
I cannot get the favicon to work on my website? -2.20
Font background color not working properly +1.18
How do I center the button -0.08
How to activate the function of a hidden input? -1.30
Primary menu changes vertical aligment after opening search field 0.00
The top of my html website has a gray line +0.25
how to add echo variable inside other variable from other file? 0.00
How to hover element and make other element use that effect too? 0.00
ΕΎ is displayed bigger than other letters -0.42
The css code for underline does not work, and the css code doesnt w... 0.00
How do you position one div on top of another? -0.08
Select a second <strong> in a <p> tag? +0.41
CSS styling, 100%/100vh wont cover pass view height +0.42
Shouldn't an element that has position: relative be a part of t... 0.00
Text interfering with the navbar when scrolling down +0.42
Why wont 'justify-content: space-between' make the navbar g... 0.00
Image Flexbox Styling Not Working in Github Markdown 0.00
CSS style on an element only of a table with a specific class 0.00
Trying to use hover on a element below an absolute positioned element +0.84
HTML Flex layout looks different in Internet Explorer -1.70