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Thomas Kläger

1581.55 (2,881st)
6,705 (24,089th)
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Title Δ
Try_catch block not supported android studio language level 8? 0.00
JCheckBox mnemonic without transferring focus -0.20
Initialize Java Components in HTML 0.00
How to assign content-length header in Java 11+ HTTPClient 0.00
Why is my program running twice on my Server? 0.00
How can I make conditional wait methods in a one function? 0.00
ConcurrentModificationException with very limited iterations -0.12
What does the error mean in my stream map? 0.00
how to understand GC Root by Monitor Used Object? -0.15
Wrong Answer using `get` method of ArrayList -0.38
My java program is throwing java.lang.ClassNotFoundException for so... 0.00
Mockito does not initialize mock in test running with JUnit 5 in @B... +2.21
Java, Statements, object creation is declaration statement or expre... +0.79
What should I do if I am finding the factorial of a big Number in a... -0.65
Java custom Comparator implementation 0.00
How to print ASCII patterns in C# but using Java syntax? +0.15
AoC day 8 issue (Java) 0.00
Scala Map[String, Int] class cast disaster 0.00
Casting to generic type and calling doubleValue() method 0.00
What is the life cycle of a tomcat connector thread? 0.00
JTable window not displaying ArrayList content 0.00
Problems with redirecting console input in java 0.00
Scoping rules (LEGB) in Python with if-else statement 0.00
How to show the output of script bash in textview as list in java? 0.00
How to fix : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size excee... 0.00
<Swing> Character rendering stops working after a while 0.00
Why is the else part of my code not triggering the reset function o... -0.56
I cannot figure out why my while loop is looping two times instead... -0.51
Equality and in-equality operators used in binary search implemente... +0.39
Send multiples commands with ProcessBuilder? 0.00
Why does nulling a variable during a method call make the value pas... +0.38
Why I get "Error: Could not find or load main class mysql-conn... 0.00
Java getBytes does not return the same in test than in injectMock +0.37
Why does Java's BitSet internally store long array but use int... +0.39
Java parent's private attribute inside child constructor 0.00
Why is my stack only adding one element and then it deletes it? -0.11
Java - How to get the bit number (index) from a given value? +0.41
Removing every Nth element from Wildcard List - Java +0.66
Not sure if I am overriding paintComponent() correctly 0.00
.contains() problem/looks like it doesnt work +0.39
windowClosing() method is not getting called +0.37
Cannot use timestamp in Android Studio(Java), when the button is cl... 0.00
Is static reference faster than declaration/reference? 0.00
Why does onFinish run multiple times in android studio? -0.12
Having a problem making a redundant dictionary into a function -0.25
Python - Calling a module function which uses globals() but it only... 0.00
Can a java project with a runnable that runs at a fixed rate stop a... 0.00
why in Java8 the TreeNode subclass in HashMap extends LinkedHashMap... 0.00
My java program freezes every now and then and may have a memory le... 0.00
Executing Gradle without a settings file has been deprecated : How... 0.00