An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1382.65 (4,409,254th)
12,702 (11,449th)
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Title Δ
Remove an element ( and its children ) from the DOM -1.21
Java: File to String, problems with using a buffer, byte array not... +0.15
Why don't DataOutputStream.writeChars(str) and String(byte[]) use t... -0.32
GWT FileUpload issue: Content-Type was 'multipart/form-data; Expect... +0.14
GWT - GinModule use the same interface for different implementations 0.00
Having problems with black jack card game in java -0.15
what is significance +0.31
Android - Why would SaxParser work on local XML file, but not on an... +0.16
How to remove stop words in java? -0.22
Sorting highscore . Diffuculties with sorting time input 0.00
Tool or schema that describes Adobe Premiere Pro 0.00
Why does Javac generate different classes for each Enum literal -0.10
How to make JLabel with image fill BorderLayout.CENTER -1.41
How do you access SQL database from GWT? -0.32
How to test a class that has only a small API but many private func... +2.52
Why won't the JPanel change color and stay that way? +0.30
Intensity to pixel conversion 0.00
Organizing a Struts2 project (Which Packages) 0.00
Java: looking for the fastest way to check String for presence of U... +0.40
Java API for PDF signing (no iText allowed) -0.39
Is doing !(!a && b) any less efficient than a || !b? -0.34
Do any JVM's JIT compilers generate code that uses vectorized float... -0.34
How Do I Change 4 Separate Int Values For Alpha, Red, Green, Blue i... -0.55
Is using an object instantiation as an enum entry's value good prac... -0.73
Java example with ClassLoader -0.58
Display PDF file Inside Java Program -1.09
When embedding CPython in Java, why does this hang? -0.04
Use of final variable in signature of Java SwingWorker method +0.55
Using Windows API call in Java using "native" +0.29
Best Way to Distribute Java Application? +0.66
Overriding a method using type erasure +1.20
Difference between & and && in Java? +0.03
Anyone know of a WeakReferenceCollection to hold listeners +0.80
ClassCircularityError inside custom SecurityManager 0.00
Groovy: MultiValueMap with Maps as keys -1.14
Override abstract in a function +2.12
Any other parser instead of Jsoup? 0.00
how to save a webpage as pdf in java? 0.00
How do I escape Unicode backspace chars. in Java for a tomcat log 0.00
Best library for protocol handling in Java? 0.00
Get the last 3 values of a TreeMap -0.28
Jetty: How could I use FilterHolder to "monitor" incoming... -0.06
Problem starting a new JRuby ScriptingContainer and setting Output... 0.00
How to enable logging for a single user in a Java Service at runtime 0.00
Is there any way to make a top level class private? +0.01
JRuby Embedding prob: Puts appears to fails with RaiseException: (E... +0.61
Best GWT CodeSplitting design to encapsulate "modules" -0.09
Simplest way to get Class.getResource()to use current ThreadContext... +0.19
GWT, MVP - many widgets, best practice -0.91
Does Apache Ftp Server (java) SFTP work for anyone? 0.00