An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1590.64 (2,225th)
10,063 (15,130th)
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Title Δ
Haskell/GHC - Is there a way around Haskell only returning 16 decim... 0.00
Garbage value from std::pair rvalues constructor 0.00
how can a c++ concept combine concepts? 0.00
Issue around the 'elim restriction' 0.00
An issue about what's the type of a declaration which is surrou... 0.00
Haskell reflection: does record have field? 0.00
Haskell Data.Map lookup AND delete at the same time 0.00
How to implement the SKI combinator calculus with match types? 0.00
How can I define "recursive" function type in C++? 0.00
Coq: unary to binary convertion 0.00
define Category in which arrows are parametrised functions using Coq 0.00
How to prove all proofs of le equal? 0.00
Making an object reference null from JNI code 0.00
Does using the unfold tactic followed by fold in Coq do anything? 0.00
How to instantiate hypotheses with variables that are out of scope 0.00
IndProp: prove that Prop is not provable 0.00
Obtaining type class from java class using reflections 0.00
Coq: help to formalize an informal proof 0.00
Constraint on type pairs 0.00
How can I instantiate a variable in a try block? 0.00
Why does erasure still allow overriding/implementation? 0.00
enable_if, SFINAE and template parameters? 0.00
GCC C++14/17 Difference for Member Function Pointer Template Parame... 0.00
Can adding a constraint cause other constraints to go out of scope? 0.00
What is right-invariance in the context of ranking? 0.00
I want to bind a a non-const lvalue reference to type T to a tempor... 0.00
Construct GADT while parsing json 0.00
create Index Linked List from a plain List 0.00
How to use GHC Generics or Data.Data on a list of Data to merge fie... 0.00
Converting a pointer to a range 0.00
How do you write the statement "Negation of a contradiction is... 0.00
Type scaffolding / commutative composition 0.00
C++ creating lambda from other constexpr lambdas executed in order... 0.00
Can uniplate's `universeBi` be used to retrieve nodes in a brea... 0.00
How can overloaded 'operator new' cause infinite loops? 0.00
Can this function be written in point-free style? If not, why? 0.00
Using declaration on variadic args. How to choose the correct funct... 0.00
Runtime mapping of values to types 0.00
Implementing an `is_similar` type trait based on the definition of... 0.00
Capture json tree structure at the type level 0.00
How to get the type of a subterm when you're building a match +0.37
rvalue reference (expression) returned by function is xvalue - but... +1.41
Universal reference l-value not copying object -1.18
Type constructor bounded by proper type 0.00
Confusion with function pointer, __cdecl, and template +1.07
How in coq to use lemma a=b backwards? 0.00
C++: function call expression with braced-init-list - does standard... 0.00
Binary search or iterator based on a function instead of a collecti... 0.00
Prove a constant is even -2.19
Do you need to divide with white point, for emissive sources, when... +1.39