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Benjamin Kadish

1490.88 (4,155,453rd)
1,036 (148,780th)
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Title Δ
Unmarshal GO YAML to either a Map or a String +3.97
func that can take multiple types +5.59
Calling child's method from parent's implementation method... -3.44
How would I test this method? -3.59
How to create and export svg to png/jpeg in golang 0.00
How to avoid code duplication in router handling code 0.00
Go maps and slices with mixed struct types 0.00
How to convert to typeof(field)? +4.11
How to create optimised and progressive Images (JPG, PNG) in Go lang -3.80
How to Mock only specific method in Golang 0.00
import struct in go, get "not a type" error 0.00
Map of Struct from json in Golang -3.86
golang and neo4j using golang-neo4j-bolt-driver 0.00
Control field visibility depending on User role -3.95
How to convert *sql.Rows to typed JSON in Golang +0.05
Deadlock error when trying to sync goroutines 0.00
How to use Math/Big in Go Lang +0.72
Difference Ways to Read Channels 0.00
Golang equivalent to Python's NotImplementedException +4.10
Unknown depth list in Go -3.94
Unmarshaling a JSON integer to an empty interface results in wrong... 0.00
json unmarshal embedded struct -1.94
Idiomatic way to run several funcs with *sql.DB object in one trans... +3.94
Golang access raw Podio field values 0.00
whats the difference between for loop with select and only select? -1.81
Change value of golang C.String variable in C function +4.11
Go Nested Json Marshall or Encoding 0.00
Generating Random String of Numbers and Letters Using Go's &quo... +4.16
Go logging to multiple output -3.95
Get last inserted element from mongodb in GoLang 0.00
java.util.Set conversion to scala.immutable.Map -4.07
Golang how can I make sql row a string 0.00
Getting list of exported functions from a package in golang 0.00
removing direct duplicates on a list +4.67
Golang - JSON field set to null vs field not there -4.40
Ducktyping implicit conversion in Scala -1.33
Case class serialazation in flink 0.00
Why does append modify passed slice +0.32
Creating a Json array in Scala -0.79
Get all fields from anonymous class in Scala -3.97