An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Daniel Mizerski

1474.98 (4,384,793rd)
918 (164,686th)
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Title Δ
Is there an option to call mocked api inside mocked lambda function... 0.00
Replace and Rearrange string in javascript +0.32
Importing redux store is undefined (loading order issue?) -1.15
Apply smoothing filter on a canvas +1.01
node.js splice too slow for more than 70000 items -3.33
Goto somewhere based on a variable, JavaScript +0.09
Use FOR loop to add additional characters or symbols each loop iter... +0.24
No key collision when returning identical arrays? +4.55
Extract first object from array with es6 array methods +4.69
Javascript object checking not working +3.46
How am getting this output ? Javascript ES6 -3.79
Adding more than one property to a promise 0.00
Css center ul li inside div -3.68
Loading JSON file into React Component state | Wepback2 0.00
How to move a div in semi circle -1.25
CSS - Make Content infront of animated background -1.37
Disable browsers' back button, completely -3.88
How to "browser back" when using pushState? -2.55
how to parse loop for json in react js -3.83
Typescript private method "is not a function" -3.77
Change the data type in the array of Objects -0.87
javascript event loop functions' atomicity execution -2.58
NodeJS difficulty serving static content with Express.js 0.00
Ionic (+cordova,android.sdk,gradlew) Execution failed for task <... 0.00
Javascript Typedef Error when using parameters 0.00
Firebase: Query.on failed: Was called with 1 argument. Expects at l... +5.07
How to queue ajax request while the server is still processing prev... -1.89
TypeScript pixi.js 0.00
Override CSS with nothing 0.00
Can't convert int to byte -1.58
Automatically Highlight Specific Word in Browser 0.00
Clone jQuery not work listener -4.14
Javascript switch with global variable +4.10
PHP displays as plaintext on web server? +0.65
JavaScript - Check if one array has the same index from a second ar... +5.29
Running a Python job remotely with ssh---how can I log out? -3.84
Factory function syntax in typescript +4.45
How to add dynamic drop-down in javascript? 0.00
Changing Background in Yii2 -3.91
Setting an empty array index +4.09
Use a CSS Class to Style an Element +4.47
Fullpage scrolling -3.44
How can I make an image interactive? -3.85
Dynamic time in JavaScript 0.00
Parallax effect in CSS - text overflows despite z index -0.55
How to retrive comma seaparated values from database? +2.19
Scale Weight -> NodeJS via TCP Socket to JSON for Angular 0.00
Move the map when the cursor gets close to the edge of map in Googl... -3.67
Edit iframe elements with JS 0.00
mvc video cant play large video 0.00