An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1536.93 (13,101st)
8,357 (18,723rd)
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Title Δ
javascript Rock-paper-scissor program that stops at a required no o... 0.00
How to create a slippery floor effect -2.18
Wanting a Many to Many relationship with single cell +0.44
Setting Variable to quote and single quote +1.50
ASP.Net C# - Repeating code +1.07
Why can't I use ToList() with my KeyCollection 0.00
Value type Vs Reference Type in C# 0.00
Follow-up to Peter Meyer's "programming to an interface"... 0.00
how to retrieve images from the database to 4 picture boxes in the... 0.00
C# Efficient image drawing and moving +0.12
Use of unassigned local variable in C# +0.33
NumberFormatException when parsing strings containing non-integers -1.09
How to deal with large data in winform chart 0.00
Aiming towards thumbstick XNA 0.00
Galaxian-like Enemy movement +0.29
Generate colors between red and green for an input range -1.26
Send a list of email without going to SPAM and without have a perfo... -0.31
C# not releasing memory after task complete -0.18
Is there a project euler equivalent that stresses computer science... 0.00
How to send keys Control + A + B? (keep Control modifier "pres... -1.15
Triple drop down menu with the Dewey Decimal Classification -1.03
Triple drop down menu with the Dewey Decimal Classification +1.22
Can't run XNA APP 0.00
Web chart for "tons" of points? +0.42
IE7 object expected +0.45
Generating a random string with this HTML/Javascript/CSS? +2.68
how to find repeater inside another repeater -1.88
How to define JavaScript variable inside loop, then call it outside... -2.53
Why does a ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException happen here? -2.87
How can I get my WPF scrollviewer to work with zooming? +3.44
What's wrong with the architecture of a game object drawing and upd... +1.02
Detect winning game in nought and crosses +3.39
Commented Out Functionality? To Remove or Not To Remove? -2.41
Windows batch file: is there a way to add an "and"? -2.91
Is it possible to modify an image so someone with myopia could see... +3.56
What do I need to write a small game on Linux? +3.76
Gravity Sort : Is this possible programatically? -3.37
Can't change data type on MS Access 2007 +3.58
How Clear is this Interview Question? +3.57
Does a software exist to batch convert image at different rotation... -1.87
C# XNA: Looking for a function like MathHelper.Clamp +2.99
How to set up a development environment at home? -1.64
What real world uses of the "Stack" object (.Net) have yo... -3.06
How do I bring back an entire range of dates in SQL between two dat... +0.00
Detecting grayscale images with .Net +3.71
\n newline character won't work with Javascript +3.90
How-To Deal with Multi-Criteria Queries in 3-Tier Architecture -1.15
The best approach for multilingual user interface +2.89
Is it possible to add an interface to a strongly typed DataSet in .... 0.00
ń ǹ ň ñ ṅ ņ ṇ ṋ ṉ ̈ ɲ ƞ ᶇ ɳ ȵ --> n or Remove diacritical marks... -1.40