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1548.30 (8,286th)
6,657 (24,203rd)
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Is there a better way to format Date with DateFormatter according t... 0.00
In swift, is there a way to only check part of an array in a for lo... 0.00
How to save data from JSON to model 0.00
How to get around 'unarchiveObject(with:)' was deprecated i... 0.00
How to reference the current view in a Navigation View Controller 0.00
Centering not working for view added in storyboard 0.00
UITableView with Sections Repeating cell data in all the sections 0.00
Optional value in Codable is nil 0.00
How to remove duplicate of a specific character in the string on sw... 0.00
Saving nested dictionary into UserDefaults using Xcode and Swift 0.00
Need Help Parsing Nested JSON Data 0.00
Dimming other cells in UICollectionView when a cell is selected 0.00
Swift filter tableviewcell array count 0.00
Build fails because of closure type 0.00
swift: change the color of the navigation bar 0.00
Remove duplicate Items in multiple arraylist swift 0.00
How can I replace specific characters in UITextView 0.00
How to get all keys in json object in swift 0.00
How to iterate the loop beginning at the last element of the array... 0.00
append tableview cell text label into a empty array 0.00
How to filter Array of Functions in Swift? 0.00
Binary operator '>' cannot be applied to two 'Int?&#... 0.00
How to write the codable in generic format 0.00
How do I import text from a file into an array? 0.00
"No value associated with key CodingKeys" Error when tryi... 0.00
swap custom class object with swift default swap function 0.00
CAGradientLayer not applying to the full view in programmatically c... 0.00
Unwrapped URLRequest is always nil 0.00
SWIFT: Trying to decode JSON ,it returns nil 0.00
Swift - Create consecutive date arrays from array of dates 0.00
In Swift, how is it possible to put a string as the name of a prope... 0.00
How to post Nested Data in swift? 0.00
How do I Decode this JSON in Swift 4 0.00
Attempt to achieve fixed height, dynamic width (wrap content) horiz... 0.00
Force unwrap after guard let 0.00
guard let found nil 0.00
Move UIImage horizontally with animation 0.00
Swift: CustomStringConvertible array of array, any other way? 0.00
Change color of selected cell in CollectionView depends on condition 0.00
Swift: How to check for partial occurrence of keywords in a string 0.00
How to get index of value exist in array of object in swift 5? 0.00
Trouble changing UITabBarItem font 0.00
Get Distinct Value based on "id" Paramerter in ios swift 0.00
How to serialize JSON string to multidimensional NSDictionary 0.00
Create an Array of square numbers with a variadic integer as an inp... 0.00
Passing a string when initialising ViewController 0.00
Framework Delegates in swift 0.00
Generic property for Custom Object and Array of Custom Object in Sw... 0.00
More efficient way of setting case-based variables in struct using... 0.00
How to access element from json object inside a dictionary in swift 0.00