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1547.75 (8,636th)
6,657 (24,273rd)
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Title Δ
Swift. Can't use Type variable as specification to generic method -0.13
How to put the value in order on the label in array? 0.00
forEach auto layout Constraints not appearing -0.58
Calculating the sum of two numbers with a for in loop 0.00
Using a matrix or array in Swift to determine an outcome based on t... 0.00
Get values from two arrays combined +0.43
Swift cli application simple http get JSON 0.00
How to find a class instance name in other class in swift? -0.25
refactor suggestion for my array iteration? -0.35
How to handle URL with AppDelegate in Swift5.3 -0.07
Swift optional for nested array -0.12
About Swift Api calling +0.43
Reduce an array of objects based on object field +1.99
How to find the second range in the given string in swift +1.50
Swift: How to set code excecution when audio finished playing? 0.00
I can not insert new row in table view +0.40
How to omit empty curly brackets, when encoding empty nested struct... -0.57
How do I add a cell by click on add that will take TextField value... 0.00
JSON Parsing in Swift (iOS) +0.10
Can't access to func() in parent VC via Delegate/Protocol 0.00
Array of instances: Transform one specific value, in each instance,... +0.05
Strategy to make UIKit shorter in Swift or Objective-C 0.00
Parsing JSON in Swift 5 with Generics - local files versus URL 0.00
how to separate this into 3 methods.. the thisYear, thisMonth, and... 0.00
Sort array of dictionaries based on an order of array string 0.00
How can I create an instance of a Codable Struct? 0.00
Is there a better way to format Date with DateFormatter according t... -1.63
In swift, is there a way to only check part of an array in a for lo... +0.43
How to save data from JSON to model 0.00
How to get around 'unarchiveObject(with:)' was deprecated i... -0.53
How to reference the current view in a Navigation View Controller 0.00
Centering not working for view added in storyboard +0.44
UITableView with Sections Repeating cell data in all the sections +0.18
Optional value in Codable is nil 0.00
How to remove duplicate of a specific character in the string on sw... -0.84
Saving nested dictionary into UserDefaults using Xcode and Swift -0.06
Need Help Parsing Nested JSON Data 0.00
Dimming other cells in UICollectionView when a cell is selected -0.09
Swift filter tableviewcell array count 0.00
Build fails because of closure type 0.00
swift: change the color of the navigation bar +0.43
Remove duplicate Items in multiple arraylist swift +0.09
How can I replace specific characters in UITextView +0.39
How to get all keys in json object in swift +0.44
How to iterate the loop beginning at the last element of the array... -0.18
append tableview cell text label into a empty array 0.00
How to filter Array of Functions in Swift? 0.00
Binary operator '>' cannot be applied to two 'Int?&#... 0.00
How to write the codable in generic format -0.30
How do I import text from a file into an array? +0.42