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1527.26 (21,287th)
53,200 (1,847th)
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Title Δ
Is virtual table creation thread safe? -0.52
In practice, why would different compilers compute different values... -0.26
int numeral -> pointer conversion rules -1.49
How Change Value From Memory Through C++ (Get Value From Cheat Engi... 0.00
Accessing member function from member variable of different C++ class -0.06
Does vec[i][j] translates to *(vec + i + j)? -0.65
Can I use NULL as substitution for the value of 0? +0.06
Default (Optional) Arguments as references c++ +2.08
C++ Detect and translate keypress to virtual keycode 0.00
Signed overflow in C++ and undefined behaviour (UB) -1.60
Is it legal to redefine C++ keywords, as long as I do not include a... 0.00
Is incrementing a pointer to a 0-sized dynamic array undefined? -1.78
How to find Maximum value from 5 inputs by user? -0.21
Combined conversion 0.00
std::this_thread::sleep_for sleeps for too long 0.00
Throwing exception on array index +1.66
How to set up Codeblocks to work with mingw64 -0.04
How to build or get a original latest version of GCC for Windows? 0.00
Is it really necessary to call delete on this pointer -1.42
What does (void *)1 mean? -1.62
Time complexity with respect to input 0.00
Most elegant way to write a one-shot 'if' -0.89
Difference between pointer to a new element and new array? -1.68
Does a member have to be initialized to take its address? -1.72
Does the statement `int val = (++i > ++j) ? ++i : ++j;` invoke u... -1.93
What is the idea behind ^= 32, that converts lowercase letters to u... +1.15
Will printf still have a cost even if I redirect output to /dev/null? +0.85
Is it safe to end destructor with return statement? -1.74
Why Hashids can be decoded? 0.00
Why does this O(n^2) code execute faster than O(n)? -0.86
In C++, am I paying for what I am not eating? -0.05
Is access to a static function variable slower than access to a glo... +0.43
Is the inverse of std::numeric_limits::infinity() zero? -1.24
Can you implement a timer without a "sleep" in it using s... +0.85
How to download file(s) from remote server directory to local machi... 0.00
Strange behavior of length() in GLSL 0.00
Why does c = ++(a+b) give compilation error? -0.43
Why are different conversion functions for int and const int allowed? +0.89
Is there still a reason to use `int` in C++ code? +0.70
Compile error with non-constant array declaration, C++ -1.24
Shared file logging between threads in C++ 11 -0.47
Is it legal to call a method on a class with a unique_ptr as an arg... -0.62
Why would uint32_t be preferred rather than uint_fast32_t? +0.40
memory address of integer literal in c++ -0.32
C++ increase build speed in large project by using libraries +0.03
Calculating execution time of function in c++ -0.56
Can EPOLLLET with Edge Trigger race? +2.80
Why don't compilers merge redundant std::atomic writes? +0.33
Using a variable that was defined in an if statement before +0.08
Efficient linked list in C++? +1.05