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Jan Schultke

1520.13 (30,776th)
158 (523,707th)
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Title Δ
Template Class that takes a Template Class that Takes a Concrete Cl... 0.00
What are the requirements to make a lambda constexpr? 0.00
Compile time size of data member std::array in non-class template (... 0.00
What is the meaning of comparing strings with >= 0.00
How do I check if a division of two doubles is an integer? 0.00
C++ not reports error or warning with data type mismatch 0.00
Why Doesn't A Character Array Give an Unsigned Result 0.00
Passing an Array of Objects into a Function 0.00
How to get the last index in a for loop 0.00
Is leaving debug sections in the source code a good practise? 0.00
Flip least significant one-bit by using negation of a size_t 0.00
Compression of binary arrays to overcome GPU memory limitations 0.00
Is casting a C++ reference from unsigned char to double& safe? 0.00
How to efficiently permute an array in-place (using std::swap) 0.00
Why reserve memory in the structure? 0.00
Is this legal template lambda syntax? 0.00
Find missing points in N dimensional grid 0.00
Can I specialize forward declared template? 0.00
Convert R, G, B arrays to RGB arrays 0.00
Move constructor vs Copy elision 0.00
Enum Class does not accept text with hyphen/dash in C++ 0.00
Check if a stack is palindrome 0.00
What is the common idiom(s) for resetting the moved object? 0.00
How can I throw errors with custom error messages? 0.00
Why do we need a null terminator in C++ strings? 0.00
Not able to push desired no of elements in the vector 0.00
How can I speed up the binary GCD algorithm using __builtin_ctz? 0.00
Max and Min is coming out as true instead of a number, what do I do? 0.00
Minimizing the scope of objects for a lambda expression 0.00
Size of my char array automatically shrinks to 1 after calling a fu... 0.00
What is an equivalent replacement for std::unary_function in C++17? 0.00
How to implement Javascript-like dynamic typing in C++ 0.00
What is the usual way to use a modified C++ header-only library in... 0.00
Dealing with circular dependency in std::variant 0.00
DATA_ERROR when reading zlib/miniz deflated data 0.00
How can I print a human-readable file size in C++ without a loop 0.00
How can I stringify a fraction with N decimals in C++ 0.00
I'm trying to write a class where the child class will inherit... 0.00
Current UTC time point in C++ 0.00
Is there a way to convert my code into a loop to be more efficient 0.00
Is it possible to compile a project with two different language sta... 0.00
SFML Vector of sprites and Sprite Collision Error 0.00
Safety of calling C++ functions with enum created using static_cast 0.00
Mechanisms to pass properties to base class 0.00
Function taking pointer-to-method regardless of constness 0.00
What is the function in type_traits to check if the type is const c... 0.00
How can I code something like a switch for std::variant? 0.00
What does the number represent when printing a socket in C++? 0.00
Convert char* to int memory address 0.00
Separately reading a word like "a-b-" from a text file an... 0.00