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Haibara Ai

1531.84 (16,971st)
7,970 (19,802nd)
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Title Δ
Cant access AppDelegate class when writing code in pod section 0.00
browser.extension.getViews({type: "popup"}) is not workin... 0.00
executeScript not working if frameId included 0.00
Set initial app view - Chrome App/Electron/JS 0.00
How to make Edge extension visible to all user? 0.00
Angular expression evaluates in Chrome extension but not in Edge ex... -0.03
Fetch/XHR own files 0.00
Edge Extension Toolkit and missing extension button 0.00
How use Scripting.FileSystemObject in Microsoft Edge 0.00
Text (Special unicode, like ⇑) not vertically centered in... +2.24
how to load JS from a chrome extension popup 0.00
Javascript - Hide Extension 0.00
How to resizing POPUP.html page from mouse in chrome extension 0.00
Get list of chrome extensions allowed in Incognito Mode 0.00
reactjs chrome extension message passing not working 0.00
Delete a single URL from a chrome-extension popup-window seems not... 0.00
Extension not opening multiple links in new tab once uploaded to th... 0.00
Save current tab link inside of chrome extension popup window 0.00
Chrome Allow or snooze all Notifications 0.00
Chrome Extension Event 0.00
Chrome Extension: How to execute content_script when a certain ifra... 0.00
Is there a way to request microphone access for a chrome extension... 0.00
Access current tab's DOM from dynamically injected Iframe from... 0.00
Chrome extension - Get network information 0.00
Feedback on uninstall of chrome extension 0.00
chrome.history is undefined in custom extension 0.00
Enable/Disable chrome extension from java desktop application 0.00
How to precisely use chrome.extension.getViews()? 0.00
Unable to access web page DOM from popup; console.logs do not display -1.80
How secure is data stored using -0.53
Interacting with Google Chrome's storage API 0.00
Why is the response.status undefined when I click on the icon? 0.00
How to package and deploy MS Edge Extension to marketplace? 0.00
Microsoft Edge Extensions - Can we submit them? Is there an update... 0.00 in Microsoft Edge opens window only in fulls... 0.00
Return all cookies in edge browser using chrome.cookies 0.00
Microsoft Edge WebNavigation redirect 0.00
Opening a message port between background and content_script for a... 0.00
Can I create a html page in Chrome extension before it's loaded? 0.00
Use onClick in chrome extension 0.00
Background scripts vs Content Scripts 0.00
Microsoft Edge Console error on pasting a variable while debugging 0.00
Microsoft Edge Extension tab content 0.00
Unable to access httponly flagged cookie on own domain loaded in if... 0.00
Filter and sort a JavaScript array +0.44
Chrome Extension to solve Mixed Content? 0.00
Access local web files via Microsoft Edge extension 0.00
Chrome extension keeps resetting 0.00
How do I pass the "img" object to an onload event handler... 0.00
Dynamically add form elements in MDL 0.00