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Paul Sanders

1524.35 (24,755th)
5,316 (31,060th)
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Title Δ
Running cpplint on all .cpp files -0.53
Is there a way to detect input form file redirection? (C++) 0.00
std::bad_alloc in a c++ vector +0.52
Playing sound from a memory buffer in pure WinAPI 0.00
Polymorphism C++: Passing child object by value to function that ac... 0.00
Socket option SO_BSP_STATE fails with WSAEFAULT 0.00
How to std::reverse_copy bytes of an int into char array +1.72
Is it possible to open a html page upon clicking a 'Help' b... 0.00
Can't figure out how to set the value of EM_SETLIMITTEXT with w... 0.00
How to add mouse double click to ListBox -2.02
How to safely call TerminateThread and FreeLibrary (WinAPI, C++) 0.00
C++ Template function not working in Visual Studio 2019 [Error 2668] 0.00
GetWindowText and substrings -0.09
is it possible to use a lambda instead of a class in c++? +2.42
C++ std::vector::emplace_back doesn't compile with string-value... +0.15
Calling unlock on mutex when it's not locked? -1.29
C++ thread error: "static_assert failed due to requirement" +0.43
Getting the maximum allowed value for a member variable in C++11 -0.44
Different C++ mangled names in Boost library and in application -0.04
Code Blocks doesn't show any error but still can't show out... +1.22
open a file in a function and use it in main 0.00
Developing native with ASPI for Win Xp 0.00
C++ Trying to copy several smaller, differently sized, blocks of da... 0.00
C++ : Headers Including each others causes an Error "class has... 0.00
Enumerate all file type associations 0.00
Reassign variable of type auto that is currently std::unique_ptr 0.00
OpenGL, WinAPI | garbage values to unicode(I think, L"")... +2.20
I get the error C2440 but i don't know how to fix it, please ca... -1.45
Create custom window resize functionality -0.48
Checking for open files in a given directory tree 0.00
C++ list with fast find +0.47
Is there any issue if local std::function out of its "life&quo... -0.46
Linker error if the members are not static in the following Inner-F... 0.00
consteval vs constexpr on variables 0.00
Can't run sha256 more than once in intel sgx enclave 0.00
How can classes with `std::variant` members be copied safely? +2.12
C++20 concept for complex floating point types -1.33
Initilizing 2d char array with given values +1.84
When creating a thread how do I run the threads main method? 0.00
C++ : Help understanding what this line of code is trying to do -0.02
Check for process on multiple platforms? +0.47
constexpr initializer_list raising an error: "expression must... 0.00
Sorting a vector using another vector in C++ without lambda function 0.00
Why the intermediate values in matrix inverse calculations are slig... 0.00
Create span of string_views from C string array 0.00
C++ error when building DLL: argument of type const wchar_t* is inc... 0.00
how to pass in class' non-static method into class' data me... -1.28
Counting UTF-16 characters +0.44
Error while implementing a C-API text block class in C++ 0.00
Repeating Regex Match Sequence +3.12